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December 13, 2014

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Current standings for the eliminated episodes:

1   S3E6   Nowt So Queer
2   S1E1   Going Bodmin
3   S1E4   The Portwenn Effect
4   S3E1   The Apple Doesn't Fall
5   S4E2   Uneasy Lies the Head
6   S2E6   The Family Way
7   S5E4   Mother Knows Best
8   S2E1   Old Dogs

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episode in this week's competition and to rank the eliminated episodes (I encourage
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eliminated episode.        
Portwenn Survivor
This week's episode thrown out of the surgery:

S6E1   Sickness and Health
This week's competition (final head to head competition):    

S2E8   Erotomania    vs    S4E8   The Wrong Goodbye
Episodes moving on
to the next round:
1. S5E8   Ever After
2. S1E6   Haemophobia
3. S3E5   The Holly Bears a Prickle