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Welcome to Portwenn Online,
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to provide fun and reference for Doc Martin fans worldwide
Portwenn Survivor
Final Results!
The winner of the favorite episode:

S5E8   Ever After
Here is the final ranking that was decided by the year-long weekly voting:
01.  S5E8   Ever After
02.  S3E5   The Holly Bears a Prickle
03.  S1E6   Haemophobia
04.  S4E8   The Wrong Goodbye
05.  S6E1   Sickness and Health
06.  S2E8   Erotomania
07.  S6E8   Departure
08.  S5E1   Preserve the Romance
09.  S3E6   Nowt So Queer
10.  S1E1   Going Bodmin
11.  S1E4   The Portwenn Effect
12.  S3E1   The Apple Doesn't Fall
13.  S2E6   The Family Way
14.  S4E2   Uneasy Lies the Head
15.  S2E1   Old Dogs
16.  S5E4   Mother Knows Best
17.  S6E7   Listen With Mother
18.  S3E4  The Admirer
19.  S4E6   Midwife Crisis
20.  S4E7   Do Not Disturb
21.  S2E2   In Loco
22.  S6E4   Nobody Likes Me
23.  S3E7   Happily Ever After
24.  S3E2   Movement
25.  S5E2   Dry Your Tears
26.  S6E5   The Practice Around the Corner
27.  S6E6   Hazardous Exposure
28.  S4E3   Perish Together as Fools
29.  S6E3   The Tameness of a Wolf
30.  S5E5   Remember Me
31.  S5E6   Don't Let Go
32.  S6E2   Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
33.  S1E2   Gentlemen Prefer
34.  S4E5   The Departed
35.  S4E1   Better the Devil
36.  S2E4   Aromatherapy
37.  S4E4   Driving Mr McLynn
38.  S2E5   Always on My Mind
39.  S1E3   Sh*t Happens
40.  S3E3   City Slickers
41.  S5E7   Cats and Sharks
42.  S2E3   Blood is Thicker
43.  S5E3   Born With a Shotgun
44.  S1E5   Of All the Harbours in All the Towns
45.  S2E7   Out of the Woods
46.  S2E9   On the Edge
Thanks to all who voted!
January 10, 2015

Thanks to John Bray Cornish
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New addition to Portwenn Online!

I was finally able to visit Port Isaac for the first time and spent two weeks exploring
this beautiful village.  I have put together several fun slide shows - check them out!
Port Isaac Slideshows
I took a month-long trip to Ireland and England in August 2016, spending 2 weeks
in Port Isaac with a trip to Martin & Philippa's Buckham Fair in Dorset.

Every morning I wrote a blog post for my Facebook page to tell my stories and
share my pictures with friends and family back home.

I decided to create a space online to preserve the blog post - and created
slideshows out of the pictures from each day.  Click below to see the travel blog.
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  • DM merchandise with proceeds going to Martin's favorite charities
  • Links to some of Martin's favorite charities
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page with:
Series 8 is available!

The 8th Series was broadcast in the UK in the fall of 2017.  It's available in lots of
places around the world, including the subscription service Acorn in North America.

Series 9 will film in Port Isaac in the spring and summer of 2019 and will debut in
the UK in the fall of that year.
Newest updates

I've spent the last year working on The Surgery pages.  Most of that section is all
new and I'll put an announcement here when I complete the updates.