The Golden Lion is a restaurant
and pub that has been serving
customers since 1715.  There is a
open air patio behind the pub next
to the town canon and a balcony
overlooking the harbor that is
accessed through the 1st floor of
the pub.
13 Fore Street
The Golden Lion
The Golden Lion has been used as
the town pub in Portwenn in every
series.  Every time you see
someone entering the pub, it is
through the opening in the
building on the Platt called The
Market House (just to the left of
The Mote).

There have been some series
where other pubs outside of town
were used for the interiors:

Series 1 - The Golden Lion was
used for all interior scenes with
one slight exception.  In the
opening scene to Episode 6,
Martin is staring at the mole on a
sunbather just outside the doors
to The Mote.  The camera angle
switches to Louisa sitting at the
bar reading a newspaper, but
interestingly, Louisa is sitting in
the bar at The Golden Lion.  Martin
walks to the doorway of The
Mote and carries on a short
conversation with Louisa.  Martin's
shots were filmed from inside The
Mote and Louisa's were filmed
inside The Golden Lion.

Series 2 - the interiors for all the
pub scenes in this series were
filmed in The Horseshoe Inn in
Tresparrett.  One exception was in
Episode 5 when Louisa and Martin
were to meet for a drink.  We see
Louisa at the bar in the Horseshoe
Inn, but when she walks around a
screen and onto the balcony she is
on The Golden Lion balcony.  In
Episode 2, Al confronts Bert with
the basket of purchased fish on
the patio of The Golden Lion (next
to the canon).  For the Christmas
Special after Series 2 they had
several interior pub scenes that
were all filmed in The Golden Lion.

Series 3 - All interior scenes for
this series were filmed in The
Golden Lion.

Series 4 - In this series they only
had two episodes with scenes
inside the pub.  All of these
scenes were filmed inside the St
Mabyn Inn in St Mabyn.

Series 5 - This year they were back
inside The Golden Lion for the
handful of pub scenes.  In Episode
4, when Joe and Bert found
themselves locked in the pub
storeroom, it was a doorway at the
base of The Golden Lion, right
next to the patio.

Series 6 - The only pub scenes are
in Epsode 6.  We see Malcolm in
the pub drowning his sorrows and
later Morwenna and Mike on their
only date out on the balcony.  Both
scenes were filmed in The Golden
Lion.  Interestingly, when
Morwenna and Mike are walking to
the pub, they enter off the stone
wall area on the Platt.  In the
following episode, Morwenna and
Al are headed toward the pub and
they are walking up Fore Street in
the direction of the real entrance
to The Golden Lion.
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