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Doc Martin is
Martin Clunes
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Mar 25, 2000
Randall & Hopkirk
(television series)
S1E2  Mental Apparition Disorder
In the opening scene of the
episode, Craig is partaking in
a romantic tryst.  His lover
receives a phone call that
seems to hypnotise her and
she throws two knives into his
chest, killing him instantly.
Craig Nash
Mar 23, 2003
William and Mary
(television series)
Episode 1.1
William Shawcross is a
widower with two
teenage daughters.  He works
as an undertaker running his
family business.  William has
joined a dating agency, and
while looking through the
videos, chooses one woman
and tells the dating agency
that she is the only one he
wants to meet.The woman he
has chosen is Mary, a single
mother with two teenage sons.
Mary is a midwife, and they
feel that they complete the
circle: she sees them into the
world and he sees them out.

This series is about William
and Mary falling in love and
trying to blend their families
together.  It is all complicated
by the fact that their families
come from different
socio-economic circumstances
and outlooks.
Mar 30, 2003
Episode 1.2
Apr 06, 2003
Episode 1.3
Apr 13, 2003
Episode 1.4
Apr 20, 2003
Episode 1.5
Apr 27, 2003
Episode 1.6
Mar 07, 2004
Episode 2.1
Mar 14, 2004
Episode 2.2
Mar 21, 2004
Episode 2.3
Mar 28, 2004
Episode 2.4
Apr 04, 2004
Episode 2.5
Apr 11, 2004
Episode 2.6
Apr 17, 2005
Episode 3.1
Apr 24, 2005
Episode 3.2
May 01, 2005
Episode 3.3
May 08, 2005
Episode 3.4
May 15, 2005
Episode 3.5
May 22, 2005
Episode 3.6
William Shawcross
Mar 30, 2003
Doc Martin and the
Legend of the Cloutie
(TV movie)
Dr Bamford has decided to
move to Cornwall and practice
as a GP.  He finds the perfect
house but loses it in a fixed
bidding war.  He then goes to
extreme lengths to scare off
the other bidder.
Dr Martin Bamford
Nov 28, 2004
Fungus the Bogeyman
(television series)
Episode 1.1
This production has the
animated Bogeymen below
ground and a family
above ground (live action)
who interact with them.  
George is the father of the
Dec 05, 2004
Episode 1.2
Dec 12, 2004
Episode 1.3
Jun 12, 2009
The Islands of Britain
(television documentary)
Episode 1:  The North
Martin visits a number of
remote islands and explores
the history and culture that
make them each unique.
Jun 19, 2009
Episode 2:  The West
Jun 26, 2009
Episode 3:  The South
Jan 31, 2000
(TV mini series)
Episode 1.3
Gormenghast is a gothic
fantasy story.  Professor
Flowers is one of a group of
odd professors who are only
onscreen a few times but
provide a comic touch to the
Professor Flower
Aug 31, 2000
Men Down Under
(TV mini-series)
Episode 1
Martin and Neil Morrissey
travel to Australia to see if the
legends about Aussie men
are actually true.
Sep 07, 2000
Episode 2
Sep 14, 2000
Episode 3
Sep 07, 2003
The Booze Cruise
(TV movie)
Clive is on a trip on the ferry
to France with some
neighbors to buy discounted
champagne for his daughter's
wedding.  A series of
misadventures ensue.
Clive Rainer
Sep 11, 2004
(TV movie)
Tom is a disfigured man (from
generations of inbreeding)
who lives as a recluses on
his estate until he meets
Tom Fitzhenry
June 25, 2006
The Children's Party
at the Palace
(TV special)
Martin plays Mr Plod in a
variety show for children at
the palace to celebrate the
Queen's 80th Birthday.
Mr Plod (Noddy)
Aug 24, 2008
A Man and His Dogs
(television documentary)
Episode 1
Martin explores the origins of
the domesticated dog and
travels around the world to
learn about different breeds.
Aug 31, 2008
Episode 2
Sep 13, 2006
Losing It
(TV movie)
Phil is a man in his 40s trying
to stay relevant in the ever
youthful advertising game
when he suddenly is
diagnosed with
testicular cancer.
Phil McNaughton
Aug 26, 2007
The Man Who Lost
His Head
(TV movie)
Ian works for the British
Museum and is sent to a small
village in New Zealand that
has petitioned to recover an
Ian Bennett
Apr 24, 2009
Reggie Perrin
(television series)
Episode 1.1
Reggie is a middle manager
working in the corporate world
for Groomtech, where he is
in charge of disposable
razors.  He has a clueless
boss, a dim secretary, two
over-eager assistants and a
new beautiful colleague.  
Reggie is going through a
mid-life crisis and spends
quite a bit of time fantasizing
that he is leading a different
and more exciting life.
May 01, 2009
Episode 1.2
May 08, 2009
Episode 1.3
May 15, 2009
Episode 1.4
May 22, 2009
Episode 1.5
May 29, 2009
Episode 1.6
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Reggie Perrin
May 19, 2000
Saving Grace
Martin Clunes played the part of
the town doctor in this feature
film.  Sky Pictures liked his
character and commissioned two
television movies about the doc
(Doc Martin, and Doc Martin and
the Legend of the Cloutie).  
When they decided to make a
series (Doc Martin), they
completely changed his character.
Set in Port Liac (actually Port
Isaac), the story is about
newly widowed Grace and
how she saves her estate
after she discovers her
husband lost all his money
and completely mortgaged the
estate.  Martin is the town
doctor, a laid back man who
likes to smoke pot with
Grace's gardener.
Dr Martin Bamford
Sep 24, 2000
Dirty Tricks
(TV movie)
Edward is an English tutor
who is a masterful liar, but is
he actually a murderer?  This
is a fun romp.
Dec 24, 2000
Lorna Doone
(TV movie)
Jeremy Stickles is the King's
envoy and brings various
people to and from London
on the King's orders.  He also
helps one faction of the
warring groups in an attack
on their compound.
Jeremy Stickles
Dec 25, 2000
(TV special)
Abanazer is the wicked wizard
who is trying to get his hands
on the magic lamp.  MC plays
a very funny villain in this
Jun 26, 2002
Rock My World
(AKA Global Heresy)
An out of control America
rock band rents an English
mansion.  James is the
"babysitter" from the record
James Chancellor
Sep 09, 2002
A is for Acid
(TV movie)
John George Haigh was a
notorious serial killer in the
1940s who killed his victims in
barrels of acid.
John George
Dec 26, 2002
Goodbye Mr Chips
(TV movie)
The epic story of the life of a
beloved schoolteacher in a
British boarding school.  The
story spans his 43 year
tenure at the school.
Mr Chipping
Sep 02, 2004
Doc Martin
(television series)
S1E1  Going Bodmin
Martin Eliingham was an
eminent vascular surgeon in
London when he suddenly
develops haemophobia, the
fear of blood.  He retrains as
a GP and finds himself in a
small seaside fishing village
in Cornwall.

Martin must deal with the
quirky villagers who are
horrified at the doctor they
have been saddled with to
replace the late, great
Dr Sim.  Dr Sim was not a
very good doctor, but it
seems that a visit to the
surgery was seen as more of
a social experience, with tea,
biscuits and chat.  Even
though Doc Martin (who
prefers to be addressed as
"Dr Ellingham") is the best,
and most conscientious
physician they could ever
expect to attract to such a
small, remote village, they
really would prefer the tea
and biscuits.

A teacher in the local primary
school, Louisa Glasson, was
on the interview panel which
hired Martin over Louisa's
objections regarding his
bedside manner.  Although
she is often annoyed by his
refusal to fit into village life,
she finds herself drawn to
him.  And Martin just can't
seem to get the school
teacher out of his head or
his dreams.
Sep 09, 2004
S1E2  Gentlemen Prefer
Sep 16, 2004
S1E3  Sh*t Happens
Sep 23, 2004
S1E4  The Portwenn Effect
Sep 30, 2004
S1E5  Of All the Harbours in All
the Towns
Oct 07, 2004
S1E6  Haemophobia
Nov 10, 2005
S2E1  Old Dogs
Nov 17, 2005
S2E2  In Loco
Nov 24, 2005
S2E3  Blood is Thicker
Dec 01, 2005
S2E4  Aromatherapy
Dec 08, 2005
S2E5  Always on My Mind
Dec 15, 2005
S2E6  The Family Way
Dec 22, 2005
S2E7  Out of the Woods
Jan 05, 2006
S2E8  Erotomania
Dec 25, 2006
S2E9  On the Edge
Sep 24, 2007
S3E1  The Apple Doesn't Fall
Oct 01, 2007
S3E2  Movement
Oct 08, 2007
S3E3  City Slickers
Oct 15, 2007
S3E4  The Admirer
Oct 22, 2007
S3E5  The Holly Bears a Prickle
Oct 29, 2007
S3E6  Nowt So Queer
Nov 05, 2007
S3E7  Happily Ever After
Sep 20, 2009
S4E1  Better the Devil
Sep 27, 2009
S4E2  Uneasy Lies the Head
Oct 04, 2009
S4E3  Perish Together as Fools
Oct 11, 2009
S4E4  Driving Mr McLynn
Oct 18, 2009
S4E5  The Departed
Oct 25, 2009
S4E6  Midwife Crisis
Nov 01, 2009
S4E7  Do Not Disturb
Nov 08, 2009
S4E8  The Wrong Goodbye
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Dr Martin
George White
Doc Martin
(TV movie)
Martin Bamford is an
obstetrician who discovers his
wife has been cheating on
him and escapes London to
hide out in a small fishing
Dr Martin Bamford
Dr Martin Bamford