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Doc Martin is

Martin's surgery is a cottage called "Fern Cottage" on Roscarrock Hill in Port Isaac, Cornwall

During the time they are shooting the series, the Doc Martin Production team has their interior sets and
production offices located at Roscarrock Farm which is just a short drive southwest of Port Isaac.

For Series 1, they constructed the waiting room and the consulting room in a barn at the farm.

For the production of Series 2, they added the kitchen and living room for the surgery.  In Series 1 they
had used the kitchen in a cottage in Port Isaac, so when they constructed the new kitchen in the barn
they did a good job of duplicating the one used in Series 1.  If you paid close attention you could spot
some differences, but on the whole they have the same feel.  For the few scenes that took place in the
living room in Series 1, they actually used the living room at Fern Cottage.  

Check out the individual pages for the four main rooms of the surgery to see how they have changed
(or been furnished) over the run of the show.  One of my favorite things to spot is the multiple doors
used for the kitchen back door! I tried to get good, clear shots of everything, but in some cases the only
views were not in focus (of course, the focus tends to be on the actors - not the background!)

Other sets have also been constructed in the barn.  The ones that I am certain about are the police
station interior in Series 2 and the kitchen in Bert's restaurant starting in Series 3.  I also believe that
the upstairs bedroom in the surgery is a set that was built on the farm starting in Series 5 (if not

See below for an approximate layout of the first floor of the surgery, the second floor of the surgery (as
much as we have been shown), the front door, and the hallway that separates the waiting room and
consulting room and leads to the kitchen.

Front Door

The front door has
changed a few times
during this series.

This first set of pictures
is the door from S1.  It
has the two glass panels
and letter slot like all of
the other doors.  This
door has a conventional
brass knocker and a
lever style door handle. It
is also the only door that
had curtains on the
inside of the door.

The S2 door was quite
different.  It is the only
one that was really a
different color form the
others.  It appeared to
be a green/grey color.  It
had a door knocker in
the shape of a leaf and a
centrally located
doorknob.  It also had
patterned frosted glass.

The door in S3 (left) was
darker - probably a dark
grey.  There was no door
knocker and the panes
were solid frosted glass.  

For S4 (right), the only
change was that a small
handle was added
(maybe it included a new

For S5 (left), it appeared
to be the same door with
the addition of a lever

For S6 (right), the
central knob looks
different - although that
could just be the camera
angle. The color also
looks lighter, but I think
looking at some other
angles that it is still the
same dark color and this
is just a lighting issue.


There is a hallway that
separates the waiting
room from the consulting
room and leads to the

In episode 1 of S1, we
see Martin carrying a box
into the consulting room.  
Just outside that door is
a wooden bookshelf and
a picture on the wall
above.  Across from the
bookshelf is a mirror.  It
looks round in the
picture but you can see
in the picture below that
it is oval.

Starting in episode 2, the
bookshelf is still there,
but now above it is a
telephone. The oval
mirror is still across from
the bookshelf.

In S2, the bookshelf,
telephone and mirror are
all still in the same
places.  The bookshelf
looks full.  I've never
seen anyone even look
at the bookshelf.

One addition to the
hallway is a white framed
picture (you can see it
next to Martin's back just
after he bangs his head
on the stairwell bulkhead
that crosses this hallway.

In S4 the telephone is
gone, replaced by
another picture.  And a
new mirror is in place.  It
is an octogon/oval.  The
white framed picture
near the kitchen appears
to be gone.

Louisa is the only person
who ever is seen using
the mirror.

In S4 the bookcase is
gone.  There is now a
radiator there but I don't
know if it was always
there and just hidden by
the bookcase.  We get a
glimpse of the picture
hanging above where
the bookcase used to
be, and it is the picture
that used to hang in the
consulting room next to
Martin's desk in S2.

The mirror is still in the
same spot.

For S5 the telephone is
back - apparently
installed by Diana Dibbs
and she has a clock
mounted next to the
phone with a shelf

The same mirror is
opposite, but it has been
rehung in portrait style.

In S6, it's all still the
same but a few items
have been added to the

In episode 1 of S6, when
we see Mike fixing the
electrics we can see that
the controls are over the
mirror and across from
the telephone.

You can see the door at
the end of the hallway in
this picture of Poppy
looking into the kitchen.

You can also see the
opening just to the right
of the door where there
is a window looking into
the waiting room.

Here is the window in the
waiting room.

That door has only been
used twice.  In this
picture you can just
make out Martin entering
through the door in S2.

If you look at the house,
that door would be on
the right side.  I think you
might need a machete to
get to the door!

In S6, Aunt Ruth entered
through that door in a
quick morning visit on
her birthday.
The "Surgery" section is my own little love letter to the set designers and prop masters of Doc
Martin.  The dressing of the sets provides such a rich viewing experience since there is always so
much to see in the background of any scene - which is one reason many fans enjoy watching the
episodes over and over again.  In the multiple viewings, not only do we catch additional nuances from
the performances, but we also catch the little inside jokes and "Easter Eggs" that the crew have
created for us.  We probably sometimes look for meaning in things that have no meaning, but that's
part of the fun of being a fan of such a richly rewarding show.

So, thank you to the crew for keeping us so entertained!  (We need something to keep us going for 2
years at a time!)
The Surgery