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Doc Martin is
The surgery kitchen is the heart of the personal world of Doc Martin, but it also tends to be
a public place for many of the residents of Portwenn.

A lot action takes place in the kitchen, and even more so in the last few series when Louisa
and James moved into the surgery.

Is Series 1 they had not constructed the kitchen or the living room in the barn where they
had sets for the consulting room and the living room.  So, for that series they filmed in a
kitchen in a cottage somewhere in Port Isaac.  Click on the button above to see how the
kitchen changed from Series 1 to Series 2.
Here is the layout of the
kitchen (probably not to
scale, but I did the best I
could :-)

The kitchen table takes
up much of the middle of
the room.  The pantry is
actually not as large as
Back Door
Series 1, 2, 3

In S1, the back door was
blue and had these glass

For S2, the kitchen set
was built on the farm and
they used a wooden
dutch door that had a
small window with bottle
glass.  This door stayed
in place for S3.  I believe
that there was only one
scene where they left the
top of the door open.

This door was brought
back for S6 and the
open door was used
quite a bit (see below).
Back Door
Series 4, 5

We had a new door in S4
and many people believe
it was changed entirely
for the scene pictured at
the far left - Louisa's
dramatic entrance at the
end of episode 1.  You
can see her silhouette
through the pebbled
glass and the thought is
that Martin also
recognized her.

I included the picture on
the right to show how
lighting can make the
same door look blue or
Back Door
Series 6

The dutch door was
brought back for this
series and painted light
brown to match the rest
of the room.

The top of the the door
was left open often and
seemed to be a symbol
for how little privacy the
Ellingham family had
living in the surgery.
Kitchen Counter
Series 2, 3

I will leave the discussion
about the S1 kitchen
counter to the page you
can click into at the top
of this page.

I S2 we had a cabinet,
sink, cabinet, stove and
then cabinet. The dishes
were usually drying on
the left cabinet and
Martin's espresso maker
was on the middle

In S3 we had the addition
of the self-installed
Kitchen Counter
Series 4

You can see that there is
a new tile backsplash in
the kitchen this series.

There is also a new
stove and a new white
dishwasher.  I'm thinking
they just had to throw out
the grey one after
Martin's "surgery" on it.
Kitchen Counter
Series 5

There is yet another new
stove in S5.

The dishwasher has
been replaced by a small
under-counter fridge.  
Much more practical
since there were always
dishes drying on the
counter even with the
Kitchen Counter
Series 6

For S6 we have a
dishwasher again!

They actually bought a
larger fridge and had it
installed across the room
next to the hutch.
Wall above counter
Series 2 - Series 6

Every year the spot
between the two windows
had a new picture.

For S2 there was a towel
rack below the picture
and you can see that in
one scene the picture

in S3 the towel rack was
gone and there were two
pictures.  The one on the
bottom disappeared
sometime that series, but
it was just propped up at
the end of the counter.

At the lower left is the
picture in S4.  Lower
middle is S5 (this picture
was in the living room in
S2).  And lower right is
S6 (and this picture was
in the living room in S5)

There were a lot of
different things spotted
on the windowsills each

Here are just a few of

An then there were the
items set or hung on the

In S4 there was a small
clock sitting on the
window. In the last two
episodes though it

In S5 a red heart hung in
the pebbled glass
window, probably placed
there by Diana Dibbs.  
The bird

And then there was the

We first spotted the bird
in episode 1 of S5.  He
sat on the kitchen
window facing left all
series - until around the
time that Martin & Louisa
started having issues.  
All of a sudden the bird
was facing left.  After
Louisa moved out of the
surgery and we saw
Martin having breakfast
alone the bird was gone!

When Louisa came to
see Martin after her
mother's surgery the bird
was back and facing left

What did it mean?  
There was much online
consternation over this
bird.  (Although - no one
even noticed the hen
that always faced in the
opposite direction and
left with the bird)

In S6, the bird kept
popping up - on the
hutch and on the

After all the
consternation with the
bird, no one paid much
attention to the shell that
took its place in S6.

Sometimes it was lying
down.  Sometimes it was
propped up.  Sometimes
it just wasn't there.
Kitchen Table
Series 1 - Series 6

Up until S6 the table was
a plain wooden table.  
You can see that on one
side it had a series of
drawers and that the
table top was unfinished

For S6 they got a new
painted table.  The top
was also painted and
probably a much better
option with a messy baby
to feed.
Kitchen Chairs
Series 1 - Series 6

In S1 there were 4
matching chairs as
pictured at the top left.

For S2 & 3, four
matching chairs as
pictured in the top center.

In S4, 2 chairs matching
the one at the top right
were brought in and
mixed with 2 from S3.

For S5, all 4 chairs
matched the ones
brought in for S4.

In S6, there were 3
different styles -
including 3 new chairs.
West Wall
Series 2 - Series 6

In S2 there were a
couple of prints on the
wall to the left of the door
to the hallway.

In S3 (the 3 at the top
right) it started out with
nothing on the wall, then
two pictures were added,
and later the one on the
left was taken down and
placed on the counter
while the one on the right

For S4 nothing on the
wall.  S5 had a small
print.  S6 had one of the
red framed pictures (this
one may have come from
the consulting room).
West Wall
Series 2 - Series 6

On the other side of the
door is a wall connecting
to the living room  For
S2-S4 there was nothing
on this wall.

In S5 a smll painting
appeared.  And then in
S6 it was replaced by
one of the red framed
paintings so they were
flanking the door.
Series 2

In S2 the hutch
contained a lot of
different items and not
just serving pieces.

The bottom door had
white painted panels
against the dark wood.
Series 3, 4, 5

For S3 the hutch was
painted all one color to
match the walls in the

It also started to display
more serving pieces
although you can see
changes from year to
year in these pictures
from S3, S5 & S5.

Placement of the hutch

In S2 - S4 the hutch was
right up against the wall
at the right and there
was a large space of wall
on the left leading into
the living room.

In S5 the hutch was
moved a little bit away
from the wall (lower left

For S6 it was moved
even further and made
room for a small fridge.
Series 6

In S6, Mike arrived

While you can see that it
was pretty neatly
organized before his
arrival, Mike took it to a
whole new level.

Top pictures
Before Mike

Bottom pictures
After Mike
Pantry Wall
Series 2

On the left of the pantry
door there is a modern
chair that I would have
not expected in this
kitchen (there was also
another one at the
opposite end of the

A small painting hung
above (this painting
moved to the consulting
room in S3).  On the
right side of the door was
the peg shelf.  We never
got a good look at it in
daylight in S2.
Pantry Wall
Series 3 & 4

A different print went up
on the wall for S3 and we
got a better look at the
peg shelf. This time it
carried one of Martin's
ship models.

For S4, yet another print
went up on the wall and
we got a new peg shelf.  
This one held a clock
and lots of glassware.
Pantry Wall
Series 5 & 6

In S5 there is yet another
painting on the wall.  But
this one is different than
usual and I suspect one
chosen by Diana Dibbs.  
The peg shelf has a
usual array of "stuff" but
not really any of Martin's
clocks or ships.

For S6, the painting was
replaced by a bulletin
board and the peg shelf
looked not too different
from the previous series.

But, I have to say, in that
picture at the lower left,
can you even imagine
Martin living in a house
with all that chaos?  The
bulletin board had so
much stuff on it and in
the pantry it seems is
now used as a laundry
room there is a lot going
on.  Not to mention all
the baby stuff in and
around the table.

The first picture shows a
view of the kitchen from
the front of the living
room.  You can see that
the two rooms are an
open plan area and
there are two steps up
from the living room to
the kitchen.

In the second picture you
can see the door on the
right that opens to the
hallway which leads to
the consulting room and
the waiting room.  This
door is almost always left
open.  Across the back
wall of the kitchen is the
counter with stove, sink,
dishwasher (or fridge)
and a few storage
cabinets.  There are also
2 large windows looking
to the back patio,
although the one on the
right is pebbled and
stained glass. At the far
left is the back door out
to the patio.

The next picture swings
a little more to the left
and you can see the
open door to the small
pantry at that side of the
room.  Note that the back
door in this shot is
different from the shot
above.  There were a
few changes to that door
and those are discussed

The next shot swings
over to the left and you
can see into the pantry.  
You can also see the
hutch on the wall that is
a partial wall next to the
opening to the living
room.  Behind Louisa
there is a small fridge to
the right of the hutch that
first appeared in S6.

In the shot of Pauline
climbing onto the table
you can see into part of
the living room.  The
hutch is against the wall
on the right just off the

This last shot would be
taken at the pantry door
and looks straight across
the room and down the
hallway. Halfway down
the hall you would turn
right to go into the
waiting room and left for
the consulting room.

Here is a shot of the
door from S4.  I always
thought it odd that just
one pane in the door
was see-through glass.

And a shot into the
pantry in S5 when Louisa
was looking for her
chocolate digestives.  
(Just before she uttered
the line, "Are you calling
me fat?")

The kitchen has a
vaulted ceiling and
starting in S2 there was
a large skylight.

For S4 the skylight was
reduced in size and
looks like a more stable
material.  This was the
same time that the tile
backsplash was added to
the kitchen.
The Kitchen