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Doc Martin is
Before Series 5, the very few scenes that were set in the upstairs of the surgery were
probably filmed in various cottages in Port Isaac.  Once Martin, Louisa and James moved
into the surgery together they knew there would be more scenes set in the bedroom so a
set was built in the barn at the production site.  

See below for details of Martin & Louisa's room, James Henry's room, the bathroom, and
shots of the bedrooms used in Series 1 - 4.
Series 1 & 2

The two pictures on the
left were scenes from S1,
the three on the right
from S2.

As i said above, I believe
they used someone's
cottage in town for these
scenes.  The ones from
S1 don't really match the
ones from S2, although
the feel of the rooms
look like they could have
been in the surgery
Series 3

These were taken from
two different episodes in
S3 (Martin waking up in
his suit the morning after
the concert in episode 5
and then getting dressed
for the wedding in
episode 7).

This is a much more
sophisticated room
compared to the ones we
saw in S1 & S2. Quite a
few pictures on the walls,
clocks and decor items
scattered about and no
sloped ceilings.

You will see that the set
built for S5 and onward
is much different,
although they did
duplicate the closet in
the new room.
Series 4

We only got one quick
shot of the bedroom in
S4 and also a shot of the
bathroom.  The bed is
similar to the ones used
in S5 & S6, but we what
saw of the bathroom
looks quite different from
what we will see in S5 &
Bedroom Door
Series 5 & 6

The three pictures on
the left show the view of
the bedroom door in S5.  
There was a large
dresser against the wall
at the foot of the bed
and a small table in the
corner behind the door.  
The lampshade on that
lamp is the same as one
in the living room in S6.

The two pictures on the
right from S6 show that
the dresser is now gone
and a smaller one is
behind the door.  There
is a mirror on top of the
dresser as well as a full
sized mirror in the

The rectangular picture
on the wall appears to be
one of a pair that were
on the living room wall in
Bedroom Closet
Series 3, 5, 6

The closet is in the
corner diagonally across
from the bathroom door.

The scene with Louisa is
from S5 and you can see
the closet doors in the
background.  There was
also a small dressing
table (or maybe another
dresser) over there (you
can see the tilted mirror
on top).

The views at the top right
and middle left are
Martin from S6 and the
view in the bottom right is
Martin in S3.  You can
see that they attempted
to duplicate this closet
when they built the set.  
The only difference is
that it doesn't have the
fancy woodwork above.  
See the two insets of the
wallpaper inside the
closet (left is from S6,
right is from S3).  Even
though the lighting is
different, you can see
that they are the same.  
Good job!
Bedroom Fireplace
Series 5 & 6

Directly across from the
closet is the small

There are several small
objects on it in S5,
including a clock and
what appears to be the
small picture that ends
up on the wall in the
consulting room over
Martin's left shoulder
when he is sitting at the
desk.  It looks like it
could be a pencil
drawing of a small boy.  If
it is, that is a sweet thing
for Martin to have
brought into the room
where he is working all

The painting above the
mantle is in the third
location.  In E1 it was in
the consulting room.  For
the rest of S1 through S4
is was on the wall in the
waiting room.  It
appeared in the
bedroom in S5.  It is a
painting of the harbour in
Portwenn (Port Isaac).

The picture at lower right
is S6.  Looks like a new
painting and less baby
stuff on the mantle.
Bedroom - Bed
Series 5 & 6

Even though it appeared
to be the same bed,
Martin & Louisa have a
new bed in S6.  The S5
headboard had a wide
board in the middle with
a type of medallion inlay
or transfer.  The S6 bed
has the same sized rails
all the way across.

The nightstands and
lamps are new for S6.  
Louisa had an odd
modern lamp in S5 and a
very feminine one in S6.  
Martin went from a white
shaded lamp to a red
shade.  Both also have
new (matching?)
Series 5 & 6

The top 4 pictures are
from S5 and we got a
glimpse of the bathroom
with the green pedestal
sink.  We were just able to
see the sink, the mirror
and a few pictures on the

Early in S5 Martin was
changing James on a
changing table in the
bathroom and if you look
closely you can see the
bathtub in the background.

In episode 8 we got a good
look at the whole bathroom
when Louisa was getting
packed for the trip to Spain.

Also in S6 there was one
scene where you could
see that the bathroom was
actually a step up from the
James Henry's Room
Series 6

When Martin's mother
arrives we get the only
glimpse so far of James
Henry's bedroom.  

It appears to be a very
small room - in the first
picture you can see that
the wall in not that far
from the foot of the bed.  
There is a small dresser
in the corner behind the
door and it looks like the
crib is against the wall
behind Louisa.

We did discover that his
room is straight across
from Martin & Louisa's
room with what appears
to be the landing
between and the
staircase off to the left.

In S1 - S4, whenever we
saw any views of the
upstairs in the surgery, it
was usually a quick
scene of Martin
waking up or jumping out
of bed.

Most of the time the
room was a bit dark and
we never got a full view
of the room.  In
comparing those scenes
below you will see that
they just don't match
from series to series.  I
believe that they didn't
build a set in the barn for
the upstairs because
they had so few uses for
it, so my guess is that
they utilized rooms in the
cottages that were
rented by members of
the production.  Because
the scenes were so short
it wouldn't have been a
hardship on the
occupant since they
would probably be
working all day anyway.

For S5 they really had to
build a set since there
would be so many
scenes set in the
upstairs rooms.

In the top picture is an
overview of the room
from the corner where
the closet is located (you
can see the open closet
door at the right).  On
the other side of that
door on the right is the
door to the staircase.  At
the left rear of the
picture is the door to the

The second picture is
taken from the bedroom
doorway and looks to the
opposite corner where
there is a small
fireplace.  When James
was sleeping in their
room the crib was right

The third picture would
be taken from the
bathroom door looking
across to the corner
where the closet is
located.  There is also a
small dressing table

The fourth picture is
taken from the fireplace
corner looking at the
door to the bedroom.

The next picture is a view
of the bathroom.  The
sink would be over to the
left and there is a
changing table in the

The next picture is taken
from James' small room
and looks across to
Martin & Louisa's room.  
You can see Louisa
coming out of the
bathroom and you can
also see Martin's
shoulder as he is about
to head down the stairs.

Scroll down the page to
see more detail about
Martin & Louisa's
bedroom, James' room,
the bathroom, and the
various bedroom scenes
from S1 - S4.
Here is the best I could
come up with a layout for
the upstairs.  

We only had one quick
scene in James' room,
but it appears to be a
very small room.  They
were making up a bed
for Margaret and the crib
seemed to be over in the
corner to the right of the

We had one scene in S5
of Martin in the bathroom
and the scene of Louisa
in S6 filled in the blanks
for the bathroom layout.

Not sure if there are
other rooms - maybe
they will surprise us!