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A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
The waiting room is the hub of the surgery.  There is always something happening there
and it is often filled with impatient villagers.  Just as in the rest of the surgery - furniture,
paintings, lamps and other items are moved around quite often.  It's always fun to look for
the changes.

Three different receptionists have been in charge of this piece of real estate - in widely
varying states of competence.
Entry Wall
Series 1 & 2

It's always fun to see
what the set decorators
have for us by the front

The first picture is from
S1 with the picture and
the sailing model.

In S2, there is a new
model with a new
painting above.  Partway
through S2 they
changed the painting to
one that sort of matches
the model.
Entry Wall
Series 3

They really had fun with
us in S3 - sometimes
changing things around
within the same episode.

We see yet again
another ship model
paired with the same
picture from S2.  They
added beachcomber
type of decorations for
this series.
Entry Wall
Series 4, 5, 6

For S4 they left the same
picture there but added
yet ANOTHER ship

For S5, Diana Dibbs
decided to put a notice
board there by the door
and Martin left it in place
for the rest of S5.

In S6 it was replaced by
the daisy picture.  This
picture was spotted in
the items being moved in
by Diana Dibbs and she
placed it on the front wall
(between the door and
the reception desk) in S5.
Wall at the base of stairs
Series 1-6

For S1 there was a very
jarring piece of art
placed there.  It didn't
really match anything in
the surgery and I always
wondered if Elaine
picked it out?

For S2 the windmill
paining appeared and it
remained there through
S4, probably then
packed away by Martin
for his return to London.

In S5 the wall was blank
and then in S6 a painting
of flowers was moved
there from the wall next
to the doorway to the
consulting room where it
had been in S5.
Waiting area in front
of stairs
Series 1 & 2

In S1 there was just a low
round table between

Starting in S2 they
added some decoration
to the area, this time with
a table and a ceramic
jar. See the closeup of
the jar - this jar ended up
in the wall cabinet behind
the reception desk and
was still there (bottom
shelf) in S6.
Waiting area in front
of stairs
Series 3 & 4

For S3 there was a plant
in a nice ceramic pot on
the table.  

For S4 it was a different
plant but they added a
nice lamp.
of stairs
Series 5

The table had another
new lamp in S5 (left
picture) and during the
series the lamp changed
two more times.

Once interesting thing I
noticed that there always
seemed to be this stuffed
animal on that table all
series.  But that animal
started showing up on
Pauline's desk in S4
while JH was still in the
womb.  It also showed up
several times in S6,
usually on the kitchen
Waiting area in front
of stairs
Series 6

The lamp that finished
out S5 remained on the
table for S6, but with a
new lampshade.
Waiting area by
consulting room door
Series 1, 2, 3

For S1 there were two
the wall next to the door.

For S2, a nice clock went
up in place and a large
wooden buffet was
placed below.  The
ceramic lamp went
through two different
shades, but partway
through the series the
bulky piece of furniture
was moved over to the
right to the back corner
of the room where it's
been ever since.

In S3 it remained the
same with just the clock
on the wall.
Waiting area by
consulting room door
Series 4, 5, 6

In S4, a painting that was
in the back corner in S3
was moved go next to
the clock.
(I recognize that couple!)

For S5, the barometer
was in the items being
unpacked by Diana
Dibbs and placed here
with a new painting of

In S6, the floral painting
was moved over to the
wall at the base of the
stairway, so only the
barometer remained.
Window - back of room
Series 1, 2, 3

It's always fun to try to
figure out what is placed
in that window - usually
some type of nautical

At the left is S1 (top) and
S2, with S3 on the right.
Window - back of room
Series 4, 5, 6

Shots from S4 at the
upper left, from S5 at the
lower left and S6 at the
Back Corner
and adjacent wall
Series 1 & 2

In S1 there were 3
paintings on the wall.  
For S2, only the large
middle one remained.

This is a painting of
Portwenn (Port Isaac)
and looks to be a view
from long ago (maybe
1800s?)  The painting
was originally behind the
desk in the consulting
room for episode 1, but
put into the waiting room
starting in episode 2. It
remained there until S5
when it ended up
upstairs in Martin &
Louisa's bedroom.  It
wasn't there in S6, so I'm
not sure where it landed.
Back Corner
Series 2 & 3

The actual corner of the
room was empty until
partway into S2 when
they moved this
large buffet there.  

The two pictures on the
left are from S2 and the
ones on the right are
from S3.
Back Corner
and adjacent wall
Series 4, 5, 6

The large buffet
remained in the corner
and we only got a
glimpse of new paintings
that were added above
(S4 at upper left, S5 at
lower left - not sure if
they are the same).  

The picture at upper
right was also from S5.  I
thought it cute that they
kept Pauline's ceramic
cat and moved it to the

On the wall (to the right
of the corner), the
Portwenn painting was
still there for S4, The wall
was blank in S5 and the
message board from
near the front door was
moved there in S6.
Filing Cabinet
Series 1,2,3,4

While Eileen was there I
don't think she cared
much about having
things she liked around
her, so on the filing
cabinet and windowsill
were mostly just cactus
plants and maybe a
teapot.  And the filing
cabinet was a nice light
green shade.

When Pauline arrived,
she accumulated a lot of
"stuff" all around her
area.  Especially notable
was her ceramic cat, ship
in a bottle and tropical
bird.  It seemed like
every time the camera
was focused on that area
you saw something new.  
She accumulated a wood
corner cabinet that
seemed like it was
stuffed with the same
useless stuff as the wall

They also changed to a
grey file cabinet and it
had a lot of stickers,
some peeling away.
Filing Cabinet
Series 5 & 6

Morwenna was much
more efficient and kept
the clutter to a minimum -
mainly just a few plants.

There was a new,
cleaner looking file
cabinet in a green color
for S5.

In the picture at the right
from S6 we see that she
got rid of the wooden
corner cabinet, but she
did obtain a cute blue
Reception Desk
Series 1 - 6

Elaine had some type of
appointment or calendar
system on the wall next
to her desk - no doubt
organized by the Doc.

In S2, Pauline (upper
right) replaced it with a
bulletin board.  For S3
she added her certificate
qualifying her as a

In S4 the bulletin board
was gone and just her
certificate remained on
the wall.

For S5, a bulletin board
returned and was still
there in S6.  Also there
was the odd looking dog
painting that I think came
in with the Dibbs'

Another thing to note is
that Pauline got a new
desk for S2.  Elaine's
had a wood top and
metal sides.  Pauline's
was all wood.
Reception Desk

Just a couple of
interesting things...

Pauline had two
distinctive screen savers
that we glimpsed.  One is
Martin's late dog Mary
and the other is a picture
of Pauline and Al at the

And check out the
stopcock next to
Pauline's desk.  I had
never really paid
attention to those pipes
running along the wall. In
other scenes you can
see that the faucet is
turned to the bottom and
not so visible.
Front Wall
Series 1, 2, 3

Each of the first 3 series
had a bulletin board on
the wall with a small table
and lamp below.

You can see that it
changed a little each
year.  Looks like the
same lamp for S2 & S3
and the same table for
S1 & S3.

In S2 we see Martin at
the top of the stairs
listening to Pauline and
Al (thinking they are
discussing him).  I was
surprised to see the
ripped wallpaper - not
what I would expect from

In S6 we see Martin &
Louisa coming down the
stairs.  Same wallpaper
(different lighting) and it
has been repaired.

The picture on the wall
was over the bathtub
upstairs in S5.
Front Wall
Series 4, 5, 6

There was a very odd
change in S4 - a radiator
was installed?  There

In S5 it was gone again
and a table and lamp
were brought back.  
Because Diana Dibbs
had placed the bulletin
board by the front door
they put up a large

In S6 the daisy picture
went to the front door
and the bulletin board
went up on the far wall
so there was nothing on
that wall for the first time.
It appears to be the
same table and lamp.

The waiting room has
had three different

The one at the top left
was the original
wallpaper from S1.

The one on the bottom
was installed for S4 - I
still say Martin made a
LOT of changes to the
surgery in the six months
after the non-wedding.

The one on the right was
installed before S5 - I'm
assuming Diana Dibbs
had that done.  It
remained for S6.
And finally, here are a
couple of the things that i
believe were brought into
the surgery by Diana
Dibbs - and remain there
through S6.

When Martin barged in a
couple of times during
their unpacking we saw
the large daisy print, the
barometer, the odd
looking dog picture
(behind the barometer)
and the orange striped
Waiting Room

A lot of the action takes
place in the waiting room
under the (more or less)
direction of Elaine,
Pauline and, most
recently, Morwenna.

In the first picture you
can see the view from
the consulting room door
looking to the front of the
building.  The entrance
way from the porch is on
the right.  The stairway
there leads upstairs to
what we know so far are
two bedrooms and a

Swinging around to the
left in the second picture
you can see the bench
seating in the window
and the reception desk.  
This particular desk is
the one Elaine had in S1.

The third picture is the
view from the front door
looking straight on at the
desk (now a wooden
desk), the wall cabinets,
filing cabinet and a built
in glass front cabinet in
the wall at the far left.  
The wall cabinets contain
a mishmash of all sorts
of things that don't make
a lot of sense in a
doctors surgery - nothing
that seems very useful.  
This is part of the fun of
watching the show -
looking to see what crazy
things they have added
to the area around the

The next picture
continues to the left and
gives a better view of the
built in cabinets (not sure
at all what's in there), the
back corner of the room
and the pretty window
that looks onto the
hallway between the
waiting room and the
consulting room.  There
is actually a door on the
right end of that hallway
that supposedly leads
outside, but that side of
the house is all
overgrown and looks to
be right up against the
foundation of the large
house ext door.  Martin
did enter that door once
in S2 and Ruth used it
once in S6.

The next picture shows
the waiting area next to
the door to the
consulting room (Martin
walking through the
door) and the last picture
shows the waiting area in
front of the staircase.  
The door behind Martin
is a small bathroom.
Here is the layout of the
waiting room.
You can see that when
you enter the front door
you go right to enter the
waiting room for the
surgery and left to enter
the living room.  
Waiting Room