Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Of All the Harbours in All the Towns
Martin sees John Slater collapse and runs
down to the beach.
Action Martin
Sh*t Happens
Martin climbs a ladder at the Leisure
Centre to clear the pool because he thinks
the water is contaminated.
Out of the Woods
Martin runs down to the beach to save the
young boy who has stopped breathing

after being stung by a weaver.
Martin bravely enters the woods looking
for Mark to try to save his life.
He falls down into a ravine.
And then has to climb out wearing only one
On the Edge
Martin throws a lamp at Jonathan to try to
end the hostage standoff, but he forgets
that it is plugged into the wall.
Martin has to rappel down a cliff to save the
baker's life and then bring him back up to

the waiting ambulance.
Martin grabs the bag of explosives from
Jonathan and flings them over the cliff.
City Slickers
Martin chases Sam Oakwood down the
hills of Portwenn after he catches him
keying cars.
Born With a Shotgun
Martin runs to treat Mr Newcross in the
backyard of his house.
Cat and Sharks
Martin sees a girl pushing a stroller
through the village and suspects it is
James (it is). He runs down the hill after her.
Driving Mr McLynn
Martin runs through the streets of Portwenn
to get to Louisa's new cottage because

Aunt Joan called to say that Louisa had
fainted/nearly fainted while moving

furniture.  On his way there he is almost hit
by a car, knocks into men moving beer
kegs, sending the kegs rolling down the
hill, and bursts through the pack of girls.
Martin comes running up Rose Hill to the
site of Aunt Joan's traffic accident only to
find that everyone is fine - with the
possible exception of Buddy.
Martin runs along the side of Mrs
McLynn's car as she tries to drive down
Fore St.  Martin is trying to stop Mrs
McLynn from driving because he has just
come to the realization that she is blind.
When Martin goes to Caroline's house to
give her the insulin she needs, when she
isn't answering the door he states that they
need to break in.  Over Louisa's and

Danny's objections, he finds a piece of
slate and breaks the window in the door
so he can reach in and unlock the door
Better the Devil
Martin walks through the village carrying
the bag of dripping liver.  More and more
dogs start following him until he finally has

to start running as he nears the surgery.
Martin runs to the school to treat the girl
with the pencil piercing her temple.
Martin runs to attend to Barbara after she
runs into Clive on her bicycle.
Martin defies hospital rules and takes
Barbara from her pre-op bed to have a

CT scan.
Gentlemen Prefer
Martin throws the large stick over the cliff
trying to entice the dog to go after it.
(Bad Martin!)
Martin runs through the hospital hallway to
get to the bathroom after a patient gets

blood all over his coat.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Martin runs to the building site to attend to
Dennis after he fell off the balcony.
The Tameness of a Wolf
Martin broke through the door of Aunt
Ruth's house, even though Robert was
threatening that he would kill him if he

came in.  And then, later, he fought with
Robert for the knife (getting cut in the
Happily Ever After
When Martin goes to see the vicar, he
realizes he has been drinking and struggles
to take the bottle from him.  The vicar falls,
and to Martin's horror, breaks his hip.
Martin runs up to the top of the hill to
deliver Isobel's baby.
Going Bodmin
Martin tries to break up the fight in the pub
between Gilbert and Ross and is punched

in the nose in the process.
When Martin decides not to leave, he takes
out a handsaw, marches out to the

"For Sale" sign on the porch, saws the
wooden pole in half, and throws the sign

over the cliff.
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The Portwenn Effect
Martin flies out of his chair when Stewart
grabs the shotgun and fires it.
Martin sprints to the pub in response to the
call that Bert has been injured.