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Doc Martin is
Always on My Mind
When Ross comes to the surgery to tell
Pauline she is on the lifeboat crew, Martin
comes into the waiting room and recognizes
him.  He brags that he is a senior member of
the crew and puts his hand up to his chest.  
If you pay close attention, it looks like seeing
Martin has reminded him of their first meeting
- when Ross was diagnosed with
gynecomastia.  The same thing happens in
S2E9 when Martin runs into Colonel
Spencer on the coast path.
Easter Eggs
On the Edge
When Martin meets Colonel Spencer on the
coast path, as Martin is walking away, the
Colonel grabs his chest with both hands
and lifts up.  This is a callback to S1E1
when the Colonel first met Martin and
Martin diagnosed him with gynecomastia.
The surfer, Ross, who was also diagnosed
with the same problem, had much the same
reaction when he saw Martin in S2E5.
The episode title is "Aromatherapy" and
there are lots of areas of the storyline that
have to do with odors.  In the very first shot
of the episode, in the first frame, we see
Martin walking to the kitchen counter
smelling the canister of coffee as he is
about to make his first cup of the morning.
Better the Devil
Martin is introduced to Mrs Tishell's
husband Clive and he responds that he
assumed he was dead.  This could be a
callback to S2E9 (On the Edge) when
Martin meets Louisa's father and says he
thought he was dead.
When Edith walks into the surgery for the
first time she tells Pauline that she needs to
see Martin.  When Pauline tries to explain
that he is seeing patients and she will have
to wait her turn, Edith pulls rank and says,
"I'm Dr Montgomery."  Pauline repiles, "I'm
Pauline, the receptionist".  This is
reminiscent of S1E2 (Gentlemen Prefer)
when Martin visits Roger in the hospital and
parks in the doctors' lot.  He tells the
receptionist, "Dr. Martin Ellingham,
Portwenn."  She says, "You're a GP?" and
his response is, "Right, yes.  And you're a
The Departed
Martin is standing in the Wenn's kitchen,
grabs some paper towels and bends down
to clean off his shoe because Theo threw
up on it.  As he turns his head to stand up,
his face is just inches from Claire's bum as
she is leaning over to take food out of the
Gentlemen Prefer
We spot a couple of onions on the
dashboard of Louisa's car twice.  When
she is getting in the car on the beach to
head to the hospital, and then again as
she is leaving the hospital.  Some people
think that it is a little tribute to Ross Onions,
who has worked in several different
capacities on the camera crew.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Martin is examining a patient and questions
him about how many times a day "it"
happens.  Martin tells him that about 15
times per day is average.  We never find
out what the patient's complaint is, but
according to a couple of fans who are
physicians, it seems he is probably talking
about passing gas.
Martin & Louisa's first dinner guests as a
married couple are Dennis and Karen
Dodds. In the 2000 movie, Dirty Tricks,
starring Martin Clunes, the couple whose
marriage he was thrust into the middle of
were named Dennis and Karen.
The Tameness of a Wolf
There's a scene where a farmer, Mr Nugent,
calls Joe Penhale because Robert's car is
blocking his tractor.  The farmer is played by
Johnny Bamford, who is the location
manager for Doc Martin.  Johnny was also
the location manager for Saving Grace and
Martin's character, Dr Martin Bamford, was
named for him.  That name carried over to
the two Doc Martin movies, but was
changed to "Ellingham" for the series.
When the altercation with Robert is done,
Aunt Ruth tells Martin that she had been
treating him for De Clerambault's
Syndrome.  This is what Martin accused
Louisa of at the end of S2E8 when she tells
him that she loves him too (after he drunkely
told her he loved her the evening before).  
Of course, the next time he sees her, he
mumbles that perhaps he hadn't thought
through the diagnosis.
Happily Ever After
When Martin goes to the church looking for
the vicar, Mrs Tishell is practicing the
organ.  As he gets to the main aisle, Mrs
Tishell starts the first chords of the Wagner
Bridal Chorus and plays it as he slowly
walks down the aisle.  The timing is exactly
as an organist plays when the bride
appears at that spot in a church.
When Martin is delivering Isobel's baby up
on the hill, look closely and you will see that
she is lying on Louisa's lilac colored jacket
(you can even see the polka-dotted lining).  
In the next scene, when Isobel is being
loaded into the ambulance, Louisa is again
wearing the jacket.
On both of his wedding days, a villager
inappropriately asks Martin to examine their
problem knee.  In this episode, it is the Dry
Cleaner thinking he has just caught the bride
and groom returned home from the church.  
In S6, it is Chippy Miller at the wedding
Going Bodmin
Elaine refers to a "slapper from Dorset".  
Martin Clunes and his wife Philippa
(producer of Doc Martin) live in Dorset.
Aunt Joan tells Martin that if he wanted a
chocolate-box village to go to the Isle of
Wight.  Dominic Minghella who created the
characters and wrote most of the first two
series is from the Isle of Wight.
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The Portwenn Effect
The silhouetted couple in the window as
Martin is leaving the Portwenn Players'
Dance.  We know he sees them too
because he looks in that direction and
"Bloody Hell!"
Is the name given to the character, Stewart
James, an homage to the beloved actor
James Stewart?