Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Out of the Woods
Pauline is eating a pastry at her desk when
she tells the boy to pick up the gum he
placed under his chair.
Pauline is eating a sandwich at her desk
when Louisa walks in to talk to Martin
about his treatment of Mark.
On the Edge
Pauline is eating a donut that is perched
on her finger when the baker arrives with
his cut hand.
Pauline is eating a sandwich on the front
porch of the surgery after she gives Al her
application to mail.
Pauline has a plate of biscuits in her hand
when Martin sends Colonel Spencer out of
the surgery
At the Pasty Eating Competition, Martin
confiscates all of the pasties because he
believes they may be contaminated due to
the baker's gastrointestinal problems.
Of All the Harbours in All the Towns
Melanie bakes a chocolate cake for Martin.
Elaine eating a sandwich in the pub at lunch.
John and Joan have a picnic overlooking
the sea:  Champagne, strawberries,
cheese and pickle sandwiches.
Elaine walks out of the kitchen and over to
her desk with a plate of biscuits.
Born With a Shotgun
Shirley Dunwich offers Aunt Ruth some
chocolate biscuits.
Penale is eating an ice cream cone when
Martin calls to ask him to meet him at the
Dunwich house.
Blood is Thicker
Pauline is eating a sandwich on the porch
while talking to Al.
Mark is making sandwiches when Martin
walks into the Police Station.
Cats and Sharks
Eleanor and Bert are making tapas for the
Spanish Night.
Happily Ever After
Bert and Al have prepared a large feast for
the wedding reception, including chickens,
fruit platters, hors d'oeuvres and a tiered
wedding cake.
At Louisa's house they have hors d'oeuvres
to keep them going until the wedding.
Sh*t Happens
When Aunt Joan visits Martin to talk about
the water scare, he is filleting a fish.
Always on My Mind
When Martin walks by Louisa and Danny
sitting on a bench, Danny is eating a
Aunt Joan arrives with leek and potato
soup just after Helen Pratt has died.
Bert is waiting to see the doc about his
bad back and reaches for a biscuit from
Pauline's desk.
Driving Mr McLynn
Martin is having lunch (or dinner) with Aunt
Joan in her kitchen when he finds out that
she is broke and has let her car insurance
lapse.  Martin clears the table and takes the
leftover food to the counter, and as he is
leaving he thanks her for the chicken.
Louisa is walking down Fore St eating what
looks like a pasty when Pauline and Al ride
up on Pauline's scooter to apologise for
calling her fat.
Better the Devil
Aunt Joan brings Martin a pie that she made.
The Departed
Jim Selkirk is eating from a bag of crisps
(chips) while he is sitting next to Martin on
the train.  Of course, when he has a heart
attack and dies shortly after, Martin
attributes his death to his diet of junk food.
Martin is preparing fish for his dinner when
Edith stops in to inquire about his trip to
Martin is leaving the Wenn house after
attending to Theo when he stops in on their
dinner party and warns everyone about
eating the food that has been prepared by
Gentlemen Prefer
There are plates of biscuits all over the
waiting room on Martin's first morning as
GP in Portwenn.  Elaine bought 20
packages that morning.
Mrs Richards has a cup of tea and a
couple of biscuits ready to give to Martin
when her daughter tells her that he fired
Elaine.  She refuses to give them to him
and her daughter takes one of the biscuits.
A courier delivers cartons and cartons
(and there are more in the van) of biscuits
that had been ordered by Elaine.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Martin (with Louisa's assistance) prepares
dinner for Dennis and Karen.  It appears to
be a tossed salad, possibly mackerel
(Martin mentioned doing mackerel on the
way home from the school concert),
potatoes, asparagus, and some mixed
vegetables.  Accompanied, of course, by
red and white wine.
The Tameness of a Wolf
When Aunt Ruth is sitting in a cafe with
Caroline, she appears to be eating a
Aunt Ruth finds a birthday cake with lit
candle on her kitchen table.
Joe Penhale has just finished fixing his
beans on toast when he gets a call from Mr
Nugent about Robert Campbell's car
blocking the road.
Martin has taken Aunt Ruth to lunch for her
birthday and we see a closeup of her
cutting into her steak, which makes Martin
uncomfortable because his haemophobia
has returned.  It also looks like she has
potatoes and possibly green beans on her
Perish Together as Fools
The morning after Al stood her up, Pauline
walks form the kitchen to her desk carrying
an apple.
City Slickers
Louisa removes the starters from the fridge
just before their evening is interrupted.
Terri Oakwood is making her "green soup"
when Martin comes to check on Sam.
Going Bodmin
Chris Parsons' son, Dan, buys an ice cream
cone from a truck on the beach while his
father talks to Martin about his future.
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The Portwenn Effect
Elaine is eating biscuits at her desk when
she tells Martin about his home visit to
Stewart serves Martin a curry with pudding
after (looks like some type of fruit that
includes bananas).  There's a plate of
polenta for Anthony.
Peter opens and eats a small package of
candy while holed up overnight.  We also
saw him pack a giant Cadbury Dairy
Milk Bar.
Bert and the patrons in the pub use
ketchup to fool Martin into thinking it is
blood and elicit a response from him.
Louisa gets ice cream cones for herself
and Peter Cronk from the Kelly's Ice Cream
truck in the car park near the top of the
In the Fish and Chip shop we see Mrs
Cronk peeling potatoes when Louisa
brings Peter home from the hospital.
When Mrs Cronk tries to call Louisa for
help with Peter, we see the uneaten dinner
on the table.  Beef, peas, carrots, potatoes,
bread, orange juice.