Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Out of the Woods
Martin gags when Stewart shows him that
he is bleeding all over his floor.
On the Edge
Martin gags when starting to treat Aunt
Joan's gunshot to the leg.
Martin throws up after taking the knife out
of Terry's arm.
Martin gags after slicing the baker's temple
before inserting the drill.
Of All the Harbours in All the Towns
Martin holds his breath and looks away as
he is taking John Slater's blood.
Blood is Thicker
Martin holds his breath as he is taking
Paddy's blood.
City Slickers
Martin gags at the sight of blood on Mrs
Averill's tissue.
Always on My Mind
While treating Phil Pratt when the piece of
farm machinery pierced his leg, Martin
gagged five different times. (He usually only
does this once and then just gets on with it.)
Driving Mr McLynn
Martin gags when he sees the blood on
Mr McLynn's hand after he stabs him with
the neurological pin.
Martin picks up the "gift" bag of blood from
Edith, turns it over to examine it, and falls

to the floor in a dead faint.
When Martin goes to the police station to
draw Caroline's blood for a test, he holds

his breath as the blood starts to fill the
tube in the needle.
Better the Devil
Martin gags as he is carrying the bag of
liver through the village, gags when he
makes it to the consulting room, gags as
he takes it out of the bag, again when he
starts to cut into it, and then vomits after

Aunt Joan knocks on his window.
Martin gags several times at the school
when he sees the girl impaled by the
pencil.  He also gags as he removes it
from her face.
At the scene of Barbara's accident, Martin
gags at the sight of his hand after he has

cut it on the broken bottle.
While at the hospital, Martin gags when he
sees blood on the bandage on his hand.  
That's right at the moment he first sees

Edith, and after greeting her, gags again.
Martin is sitting at his desk and testing
himself by pricking his finger to draw blood.  
But even that drop of blood affects him.
As he is cleaning out Clive's ear, Martin
gags at the sight of blood on the cotton.
Martin reacts by holding his breath when
Edith unwraps his hand to check on the
The Departed
Martin turns away and gulps after he looks
at the bloody wound on Mrs Selkirk's
forehead (after she was butted by Sheila,

the prize sheep).
Gentlemen Prefer
Martin is walking through a hospital corridor
when a patient with a nosebleed bumps into
him, depositing a large amount of blood on
his coat.  He runs through the corridors to
make it to the bathroom in time.
The Tameness of a Wolf
When Martin draws Robert Campbell's
blood, he is surprised when he has a
reaction to seeing it filling the syringe.  
Then, when he is emptying it into the test
tube, he has an even stronger reaction

and we see him deep in thought for the
next few scenes.
Martin has another reaction to blood
when he sees Aunt Ruth cut into her steak
at lunch.  Aunt Ruth notices the reaction
and he has to admit to her that he is
having a "slight" problem again.
Cleaning the gash on his hand, Martin has
an extreme reaction to his own blood.  He
quickly hides it when Louisa walks in the
office, but she can tell there is something
wrong and tells him that he is looking pale.  
Perish Together as Fools
Martin starts to gag as he draws Joe's
blood and then has a serious reaction as
he empties it into the test tube.
Martin looks ill when he is sitting at
Pauline's desk one evening watching an
operation on the computer.
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Martin gags when he first sees Bert's
"injury".  It's not until he gets up close that
he realizes it's just ketchup.