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A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Sh*t Happens
On their first attempt at a date, Martin is
waylaid by Mark and watches as Louisa
goes back into the pub after handing him
his requested glass of water.
Martin or Louisa
Look Back
Of All the Harbours in All the Towns
Martin watches Louisa walk away after she
almost clocks him with her surfboard.
Blood is Thicker
Martin watches Louisa walk down the stairs
after catching her gossiping with Mark
Mylow's sister.
Louisa watches Martin walk away in the pub
after insulting him when she suggests that
Mark's sister might be able to help him with
his blood phobia.
Out of the Woods
Louisa goes to Martin's surgery to give him
a piece of her mind about his treatment of
Mark when he refused to be his best man.  
After she leaves, Martin doesn't look at all
chastised as he looks at the closed door.
After Martin returns from the woods and
saving Mark's life, Louisa tells him that she
was worried about him. Stewart interrupts
what looks like it might be a nice moment

and Martin watches Louisa leave with a look
that says the he has just missed a chance.
On the Edge
This is a "double look back".  After Martin
catches Louisa on the Platt, gives her a
birthday card and then invites her to dinner,
they are interrupted by the unexpected

arrival of her father.  Louisa introduces the
two men to each other and Martin excuses
himself.  As he walks away, you can see him
look back at Louisa (just above Louisa's
head) and then Louisa turns her head to
watch him walking away.
City Slickers
Just before they are interrupted by the
Oakwoods, Martin and Louisa are on the
back patio.  Martin is staring longingly at
Louisa and it seems to unnerve her, so she
goes inside to get the starters.  Martin

gazes at her as she is walking into the
Martin and Louisa have an argument in the
schoolyard about the safety of

vaccinations.  Louisa gets the last word
and storms back into the school leaving
Martin staring after her with his mouth open.
Louisa and Martin have joined forces to
confront the Oakwood parents, but as they
walk back by her cottage they both realize
that the burning badger smoke has
permeated their clothing.  Martin says that

he is going to change and Louisa says that
she also need to change - that she "stinks".  
Martin simply says, "Yes.  Goodbye.",

leaving Louisa a little miffed as she is
about to enter her cottage and she looks
back at him as he walks down the hill.
This is actually a "triple look back".  Martin is
standing with Louisa outside her cottage as
they discuss Sam Oakwood's horrible
parents.  Martin tells Louisa that she would
make a lovely mother.  Both of them are a
little shocked at Martin's words, but just

then he is summoned by Anthony Oakwood
because Terri has burned herself.  As

Martin walks to their cottage next door,
Louisa watches him walk away.  She then
looks down with an almost giddy expression
on her face as Martin turns and looks back

at her just before he walks in the door.  
Louisa again looks back at him just in time

to see him disappear into the cottage.
Cats and Sharks
Louisa arrives at Martin's kitchen door one
morning to give him her notes for the
christening.  He asks about who will be
watching the baby that day since he

thought he saw James with the pack of
girls the previous day.  Louisa gets
annoyed with him and says that, of course,
her mother will be watching him, as she did
the day before.  He stands at the door and
watches her walk away.
Martin has finished the surgery on Louisa's
mother and Louisa and James will

accompany her to the hospital in the
ambulance.  Louisa asks Martin if he is

sure that her mother will be okay and he
assures her that she will be fine.  As Louisa
starts into the ambulance, she looks back

and Martin.  Martin watches her intently as
she walks up the ramp into the ambulance.
Always on My Mind
After Martin passes Louisa and Danny
sitting on the bench, she watches his back
as he continues down the hill.
Louisa watches Martin leaving the school
after he gives her a lecture about wasting

his time with non-emergencies.
As Martin is getting home from treating Phil
Pratt, Louisa walks by.  She stops and
inquires about Phil and then they confirm

that they will be meeting in the pub that
evening.  Martin watches her walk down the
hill and then has a hint of a smile as he

turns to go into the surgery.
Driving Mr McLynn
After lecturing Louisa about working too
many hours and trying to do too much,
Aunt Joan hustles Martin out of the cottage
while Louisa glares at his back from her

perch on the sofa.
Martin runs into Mr Branning in town and
tells him that he does not support Louisa's
bid to be elevated back to head.  He says
some insulting things about Louisa's coping
skills, not realizing that she has come around
the corner behind him. Louisa just glares at
him as she walks by, guiding the children
back to school.  As she heads down the
street, he watches her leave and then she
turns back to him to give him another hard
In the last scene of the episode, Martin is
standing in the doorway of Caroline's
hospital room to check on her.  He sees
Danny and Louisa sitting with their backs to
him and Danny's hand massaging Louisa's
back.  Louisa senses something and turns
around to see him there.  Without saying a
word, he turns and walks out of the room.  
Louisa watches him walk away, looks down,
starts to look back again, but quietly turns
back to Caroline.
The Departed
Louisa scowls as she watches Martin walk
away from attending Theo Wenn in the
chicken coop.  (Probably because Martin

has just matter of factly said that he was
locked in a cupboard all the time as a child.)
Martin encounters Louisa outside the Wenn
house for the second time and they have a
short discussion about parents taking
responsibility for their child.  Martin appears
to have a small epiphany at this and

wistfully watches Louisa walk into the house
to deliver Theo's homework.
Gentlemen Prefer
After Louisa helps Martin to find the sick
child who needs medical attention, she
watches as he leaves with mixed emotions
on her face.  
At Elaine's dad's wedding, Martin is
standing at the church door when Louisa
walks up.  He starts to compliment her and
she walks right past him and into the
church.  He stand there staring after her.
Martin walks into the church and tries to
ascertain why Louisa is upset with him.  She
tells him that it's over his treatment of Roger,
but there is no time for discussion because
the ceremony is about to begin.  Martin steps
into the pew behind Louisa and stares at the
back of her head because he is confused
over her outrage.  During the procession
she sneaks a couple of peeks back at him.
As they are walking into the reception, she
discovers that he did see Roger in the
hospital and the two men now have
developed a bond of respect.  As she goes
into the tent, she looks back at him and he
watches her all the way into the tent.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Martin (wearing his loupe) watches Louisa
walk out of his consulting room after she

tried to talk to him about their two week
wedding anniversary.  He then
matter-of-factly returns to his clock.
After returning home from the concert and
finding Mike has rearranged their kitchen,
Louisa tells Mike that they have found
someone to watch James, but after he

leaves tells Martin that he will have to figure
out a solution to the babysitting problem.  

She then purposely messes up the pens
that Mike (and Martin) had so precisely
arranged on the table.  Martin watches her
walk out of the room with a befuddled look

on his face.
In the morning, when Louisa can't find her
paperwork, Martin suggest that maybe she
should get her work done at school.  Louisa

is annoyed with him and glares at his back
as he leaves the room.  This happens just
as she is picking up the baby's bottle that
Martin has filled but not tightened the top.  
The milk is splashed all over poor James'

After Dennis and Karen storm out of the
dinner party, Louisa snipes at Martin about
how the evening ended.  She blames him

for inviting them in the first place, but he
responds that he did it for her.  She isn't
buying it and walks out of the room with
James, leaving Martin even more befuddled.
The Tameness of a Wolf
After Martin's haemophobia has returned,
he is deep in thought as he brews his
espresso.  Louisa leaves for work and says
goodbye to Martin, James and Mike, but
Martin doesn't seem to hear her and she
looks curiously at him before walking out

the door.  Martin suddenly realizes she has
left and looks over to the door but she is
already gone..
Louisa has had a rough day and can't get
James to eat.  When Martin tells her that

Mike got him to eat a large breakfast and
even bigger lunch, Louisa bemoans the fact
that she has to leave him with Mike during

the day.  Martin points out that he told her
she went back to work too early and she
glares at him as he walks out of the kitchen.
Perish Together as Fools
Martin is on his porch enjoying his espresso
when he spots Louisa walking up the hill.  

She sees that he has spotted her and tries
to make it look like she was walking that way
by mistake.  He watches her walk down the

hill with a perturbed look on his face.
After Martin checks that all is okay with the
baby, they each start to say something to
each other while standing in the waiting

room, but nothing comes out.  He stands
there and watches her leave and she does

a half turn to look back at him but then
follows Aunt Joan out the door.
Happily Ever After
After the cancelled wedding, Martin stands
on the porch of the surgery and watches
Louisa walk down the hill.
Gone Bodmin
After Louisa changes seats on the plane to
get away from Martin, she sneaks a peek
back at him.
When Martin is called back to the interview
room by Chris just as he is telling Louisa to
see a doctor that day, she starts to walk
away, but turns to look back at him.  Just as
she does that, he also turns back to look at
her and runs his head right into the half
open door.
When Martin and Louisa are having their
slightly flirty conversation at the fair, he
rudely brushes past her to talk to Gilbert
and she turns around and watches him walk
away with an annoyed look on her face.
When Martin stops to stare at Louisa
through the school window after his car is
towed back to the village, she sees notices
him as he is walking away and turns to
watch as he strides down the hill.
As Martin is staring out his window across
the harbour, he makes the decision not to
leave.  He marches out to the porch, saws
off the stick holding the "For Sale" sign and
throws it over the cliff.  He walks to the front
door, looks back over his shoulder at the
school across the harbour, and with a slight
smirk on his face firmly closes the door.
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The Portwenn Effect
Louisa watches Martin walk away after he
declines her invitation to the dance.  This is
one time she really checks him out.
After Martin sees Louisa and Mark dancing
and he misunderstands what's happening
between them, he turns and walks out of the
hall.  Louisa catches the look on his face
before he turns and has a look of dismay on
her face as she watches him leave.
When the villagers start to disburse after
Stewart stops destroying the birdhouses,
Martin watches Louisa walking away with
Mark.  After a few steps, Louisa sneaks a
look back at Martin.
Louisa watches Martin walk away after he
refuses her help with his warning to the
sunbather outside the pub.
Martin watches Louisa walk away after they
have a contentious discussion on his porch
about his blood issue.
Martin watches the taxi drive away after
Louisa has thrown him out.