Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Born With a Shotgun
Louisa is leaving to go out for a drink with
Pippa and feels bad about leaving him for
the first time.  Martin takes James from her
arms and tells her that they will be just fine.
("Apparently, I have some medical training.")  
After she leaves, he holds him up in the air
and playfully wiggles him about.
Martin is sitting on the sofa writing in a book
while James is lying among pillows next to
him.  James makes a slight noise and Martin
looks over and gives him a little tickle on his
tummy.  He then puts the book down and
picks up the medical journal and starts to
read it out loud to James.  He starts by
showing him a picture of the author of the
article.  James seems very engaged in
listening to Martin and gives him a big smile
as he starts reading the text.
Cats and Sharks
Martin is leaving the chemist when Eleanor is
entering with James in the stroller.  He asks
how he is, puts his hand to James' forehead,
and then forbids Eleanor to purchase the
item she has come to the shop to buy - a
While Martin is in town running errands,
twice he sees a baby stroller being pushed
by the pack of girls and hears the baby
crying.  He senses that it is James that he
hears and tries to chase the baby down but
they disappear.
Louisa asks Martin to watch James for awhile
so she can check out the Spanish Night at
Bert's Restaurant and report back to her
mother.  Martin sets the stroller next to the
sink and tells James "Let's finish up the
washing and we'll have some fun."
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
When Mel hands James to Martin at the end
of her first day as childminder, Martin looks
him over, checks his neck for any rashes
because he is suspicious about Mel's
scratching, and then as he is carrying him to
the kitchen asks, "How are you James?  Any

(Check out James looking up at Martin as
they enter the kitchen)
While Louisa is looking for her lost
paperwork we can see Martin in the
background preparing James' bottle.  He
leaves the room and Louisa picks up the
bottle to shake it, but Martin hadn't secured
the top and poor baby James gets a face
full of milk.  Martin Clunes said in an
interview that Caroline couldn't bring herself
to splash the milk on the baby's face, so he
did it himself - one take - splat!  The baby
actor's reaction was priceless.
Martin is feeding James the morning after the
disastrous dinner party and as he puts the
spoon to James' mouth he opens his own
wide.  Very unexpected look from the usually
stoic Dr Ellingham.
The Tameness of a Wolf
Louisa tells James to say "Hello daddy" when
he comes in from shopping.  Martin puts the
fish in the fridge and walks over to James and
puts his hand to James' forehead.
When Aunt Ruth walks into the surgery in the
morning, Martin is in his office rocking James
while reading a medical journal.  He tells Aunt
Ruth that he had a bad night and so did they.
Perish Together as Fools
Martin has his first interaction with James
when he hears his heartbeat.  We see a
rare hint of a smile.
Within a couple of days of hearing his
heartbeat, Martin sees his son for the first
time when Louisa asks him to look at his
scan and assure her that it all looks normal.  
Martin keeps the scan, giving Louisa the
excuse that he wants to take some
measurements and consult with Edith, but
the next day we see him sitting at his desk
and opening a drawer to gaze at the picture
of his son.
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