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Martin & Louisa
Series 1 & 2
Of All the Harbours in
All the Towns
Martin sees Louisa struggling to carry a surfboard and
equipment through town.  He runs up to pick up something that
she has dropped and they have a short discussion about her
taking over surfing club.  She then tells him it would be great to
see him "out of that suit".  She realizes what she just said and
finishes, "and in a wetsuit", almost knocks him over with the
surfboard and then continues up the street.  He watches her
walk away for a beat but then is distracted by John Slater's
runaway dingy in the harbour.
Blood is Thicker
Louisa is visiting Mark's sister, Sandra, who is an herbalist.  
Unbeknownst to either of them, Martin is standing at the

doorway as he was on his way in to take Sandra to task over
her "prescriptions".  Louisa tells Sandra that someone, a
doctor actually, told her that her breath had a bit of a "tang".  
Sandra figures out she is talking about Martin and says that
some people have a faulty smelling apparatus.  Louisa thinks
about it for a second and then says maybe that could be the
case.  She then conspiratorially tells Sandra about Martin's

blood phobia.  Sandra finds this information very funny, and
after Louisa interjects that he is a very, very good doctor, she
joins Sandra in laughing.  Martin appears mortified that Louisa

is discussing this with the woman he has so little regard for
and just at that moment Louisa spots him in the doorway.  
Louisa is rattled and quickly makes her way out of the room.  
Martin has to step aside to let her through the doorway and
stares at her as she retreats down the stairway.
Martin walks into the pub looking for Mark and runs into
Louisa.  Martin appears upset with her but Louisa gets her
back up and appears to be about to rationalize what he
overheard that morning.  He cuts her off by calling Sandra a
"Snake Charmer."  Louisa gives it right back to him and tells

him that he shouldn't close his mind to alternative medicine.  
Martin agrees that there is a place for it, but that Sandra is not
qualified.  Louisa then brazenly suggests that maybe Sandra
could help him with his blood phobia.  Martin appears stunned

by this suggestion and glares at Louisa and doesn't move or
change his expression as Danny walks in and interrupts the
conversation.  Martin dismisses Louisa and glares at her again
before walking away to talk to Mark.  When his conversation

with Mark is concluded, he walks out of the pub without
another word to Louisa.
On the Edge
Martin is in Mrs Tishell's shop when he sees Louisa walk by
headed for the platt.  He makes an excuse to leave and follows
her down the street,  She spots him as she is approaching the
fishmonger's stall and he greets her.  She asks if he is

following her, he stutters that he had been to see Mrs Tishell,
and Louisa sarcastically tells him that she wouldn't want to
accuse him of stalking.  She continues that she knows what it's
like to be accused of something that you're not, like a certain
doctor saying that she was suffering from delusional romantic
attachments.  Martin stumbles over his words to explain

himself, Louisa suggests that he had been rude and asks if
that is an apology.  Martin says that he didn't apologise and
shyly hands her an envelope.  He tells her it's a card and then
wishes her a Happy Birthday.  Louisa seems touched by the
strange looking card and Martin haltingly asks her to have

dinner with him.  Louisa is distracted by something over
Martin's shoulder and he discovers that her father has just
walked up.  Louisa introduces her father to Martin and they

have a very short conversation before Martin stumbles on his
words and takes his leave - the dinner invitation now forgotten.
Martin runs into Louisa in town as she is buying an ice cream
cone and she tells him about how her father always bought her
ice cream as a child.  They seem a little more comfortable with
each other, so Louisa starts teasing him about how he gave

her father's friend a hard time when they visited him at the
surgery.  Louisa continues to tease Martin but she is stopped

in her tracks when he refers to her father as a thief.  Louisa
can't believe that he would join in with local gossip and insists
that all the time he has been in the village he has kept his
distance, but now he is joining the community in malicious
rumours about her father.  Martin insists that it isn't a rumour,
that Joan caught him stealing money.  Louisa is speechless

and smashes her ice cream cone onto Martin's forehead
before storming away.
Louisa is sitting with the review board in a meeting room
waiting for Martin to arrive.  She is startled to see him outside
disrupting the pasty eating contest.  When the meeting starts,
Martin is extremely dismissive of the entire process, but Louisa
looks at the complaints and begins to discredit the people who
have filed the complaints.  She says that even she finds Martin
frustrating at times, but that the village is lucky to have him
there.  Martin watches Louisa defending him with a wary look

on his face, but the consultant in charge of the meeting takes
over and tells Martin that he must attend a people skills
training course.  If he refuses,  the consultant will recommend
that Martin be removed from his position.  Martin stalks out of
the meeting and Louisa haltingly interjects that he probably
needs time to think about it.
Louisa makes for the surgery and finds Martin in his consulting
room working on one of his clocks.  She doesn't realize that her
father's bi-polar friend is following her.  Louisa gives Martin a
piece of her mind about how he acted at the meeting and

Martin responds in a combative manner.  Louisa asks him if he
even cares that they want to get rid of him.  She continues on
about how Martin has never tried to fit in and that she has tried
to understand that about him.  But she says she thinks he
wanted this all to go wrong and that he wants them to send him
away.  She concludes by admitting to him that she wants him to
stay.  Martin seems surprised by her admission and starts to
calmly explain to her when they are interrupted by Jonathan
barging into the consulting room.  Jonathan grabs Louisa and
holds a knife to her  throat.  This begins a long siege in the
consulting room with Jonathan keeping Martin, Louisa, Pauline
and eventually Al and Louisa's father as hostages.  
When the siege is over and they are all on the cliffs, Louisa
makes the call for the ambulances and then starts to help

Martin clean the blood from his face.  Martin notices her father
watching them and Louisa turns to look at him and leaves

Martin to go say her goodbyes to her father.
Out of the Woods
Louisa walks into the surgery waiting room and tells Martin she
needs a word in the consulting room.  She is a bit angry with
Martin and chastises him for not being a part of the community.  
As she is about to leave, she realizes that she hasn't made it

clear what she was talking about (Martin is standing there
looking a bit bewildered).  She tells Martin that Mark is upset
because he was rude to him when Mark asked Martin to be his
Best Man.  Martin blusters that he is not qualified to be Best

Man since he barely knows Mark.  Louisa points out that he has
never tried to get to know him.  Martin counters that he is not at

all interested in getting to know Mark.  Louisa's parting shot is
that Mark likes him but that Martin has upset Mark.  As she exits
the consulting room, Martin shrugs and seems unfazed by
Louisa's speech, but as he starts to sit down at his desk she
opens the door again and thanks him for saving Danny's life.  
After she leaves, he says, "You're welcome" to the closed door.
Louisa is hanging a banner for the School Fair and Martin walks
by.  She tells him that Al will be Mark's Best Man but that it still
doesn't excuse Martin for how he acted.  She asks for his help
with the banner.  He continues to help her around the fair area
and when Louisa mentions that she has to get the tools back to
Danny, Martin makes a snide comment about him.  Louisa asks
him for some additional help and they seem to be working well
together and then Martin insults the painting of one of Louisa's
students.  Just then, a young boy has an emergency on the
beach and they run down to assist him.  After a harrowing few
minutes, Martin is able to give him an injection and he starts
breathing again.  As Martin and Louisa are walking back up

from the beach, she tells him that she was glad he was there.  
Martin says that makes a change, but Louisa starts to say that

of course she was glad, when Pauline runs up with the phone
and an emergency situation with Mark and Al in the woods.  
After Martin gets lost in the woods, finds Al and Mark and saves
Mark's life, they return to the surgery and their three women
waiting on the porch (Louisa, Pauline and Julie).  As they all pile
into the surgery and only Martin & Louisa remain on the porch,
she tells him she was worried.  He misunderstands and she
clarifies that she was worried about HIM.  Martin seems a little
stunned by her admission and he tries to put off Stewart, who is
calling to him from inside the building.  He continues to stare at
Louisa and seems about to say something to her but Stewart is
going on about bleeding all over his floor so he has to deal with
the problem at hand.  He apologises to Louisa and she motions
that she understand and walks off the porch toward town.  

Martin stands in the door and silently watches her leave and
then looks back at her again as he enters the surgery to attend
to his walking wounded.
Sh*t Happens
Louisa and Roger Fenn are at the Fish Cellars listening to
Martin being interviewed on the radio.  Louisa laughs and
smiles at Martin being "himself" over the air.
This scene also only involves Louisa.  She is talking to her
coworker, Jean, and they are discussing Martin's appearance
that day on Radio Portwenn.  Louisa starts looking for

something on the table and Jean asks what she is looking for.  
Louisa says, "My Martin...marking.  My marking."  This is the

first time we see that he is on her mind.
Martin is out washing his car when Louisa comes walking by.  
She stops and apologises for the misunderstanding over his
treatment of Roger Fenn.  The conversation is a little stilted,

but Louisa starts talking about the food and drink at the local
pub.  It's obvious that she is trying to get him interested in
meeting her there, but it takes him a little while to catch on.  

She says that maybe they will run into each other there one
day and starts to leave.  Just then, the penny drops for Martin
and he says, "I've got an idea."  He immediately sets a date for
them to meet and Louisa continues walking up the hill with a

skip in her step.
Martin meets Louisa on the Platt and they start walking into the
pub.  He is in a very good mood because he has finally gotten
the illness that was running rampant through the village under
control.  He has also publicly exonerated the village's water
supply, covered up for Bert, and saw that Roger seems to be
happily back to work.  But he tells Louisa that his visits to

Radio Portwenn were all painful.  She says that if he continues
to carry on, that she might be able to admit she was on his
interview panel.  He jokingly tells her that she might not want to
break cover just yet.  Things are looking up for this first date.  
Louisa goes to get their drinks while he goes out to the balcony
to find them a seat.  But Mark Mylow is standing alone on the
balcony and is glad to see Martin.  He wants to talk to Martin
about his depression.  Martin tries to tell him that he would be
glad to talk, but not now, but Mark doesn't let him get a word in
edgewise.  When Louisa walks out with the drinks, Mark asks

her if they can have some privacy because they are
discussing a delicate matter.  Louisa is surprised, but smiles at
Martin and walks back into the pub.  She watches them for a
minute, smiles at Martin again, shrugs her shoulders and walks
out of sight to another area of the pub.  It looks like Martin is in
for a long session listening to Mark's problems.
Always on My Mind
Louisa and Danny are sitting on a bench just up the road from
the surgery.  Martin walks by and scowls as he sees them.  
Martin, "Afternoon."  Louisa, "Hello."  Danny, "Afternoon."  
Martin doesn't slow his stride and Louisa watches his back as
he continues down the hill.
Martin has been called to the school on an emergency to
remove a small fishbone from the throat of a student.  After he
finishes and the student throws up all over the front of his suit,
Louisa asks Martin if he would look at Tricia's (new teacher's)
severly chapped hands.  Martin's mood has gotten progressively
worse while he's been there.  It seems to have started with his
annoyance with Louisa at all the time he has seen her spending
with Danny, and worsened because the fishbone was tiny and

he doesn't feel it was an emergency.  The student throwing up
on him and Louisa asking him to look at Tricia's hands are the
last straws.  He squares up to Louisa and starts by saying, "Let
me make a couple of things clear for you Miss Glasson..."  By

the time he finishes, Louisa's annoyance level is approaching
Martin's.  After he leaves, she apologises to Tricia.
Martin has received another emergency call to the school.  This
time it is because Tricia has fainted, but he quickly determines
that it was because she did not eat any lunch.  Once again, he

is really annoyed at Louisa.  When she asks again that he look
at Tricia's hands, he once again tells her that he would be
happy to if she would make an appointment at the surgery.  
When Louisa presses him, he asks Tricia if she uses gloves for
washing up.  When she says that she doesn't, he simply says, "I
think you should."  He turns on his heel and walks out the door.
Louisa follows Martin out to the schoolyard after this latest
battle.  She tells him that she can't keep apologising for his
behaviour and he tells her that she shouldn't - he didn't ask her
to.  She tries to get him to understand that his patients want a
good bedside manner, but he is dismissive of this idea.  He feels
that the patients want a competent doctor rather than a good
bedside manner.  Louisa pleads with him to try and understand
what she is saying.  Martin counters that little that she says or
does makes much sense to him.  All of a sudden, this
conversation seems to have moved from his public demeanor to
their personal relationship and they both become tongue tied.  
Louisa suggests that maybe they should sit down, have a drink,
and try to figure out how they feel about each other and Martin
immediately accepts her suggestion.  She tells him that she

can't right now because she has plans.  Martin sneers, asking if
she is going to a prayer meeting?  Louisa starts to say that she
isn't seeing Danny, but she stops mid-sentence and simply says
that she is busy, but will meet him tomorrow evening.  She

angrily tells him that she will be there and he can join her or not
join her.  As she turns to walk away he says that he will be

there.  She turns back to him in surprise and says, "Really?"  
He says, "Yes." and turns and walks away.
Martin has just arrived home from attending to Phil Pratt's injury
when Louisa walks past the surgery.  She stops and says she
heard about Phil.  She seems to be hinting about the gossip
regarding the outing of his sexuality, but it goes right over his
head and he just thinks she is talking about the accident and

tells her that Phil should fully recover.  He tells her he will see
her in the pub later and Louisa continues on her way with
Martin gazing at her as she walks down the hill.  He looks like
he has a slight smile as he turns to go into the surgery.
Martin is closing up the surgery for the night.  He has changed
into a different suit, shirt and tie.  As he is checking his teeth in a
mirror, the surgery door opens and Tricia walks in.  She tells him
that she does have OCD and wants his help.  He tries to explain
that he can't see her now because he has to be somewhere.  

She tells him that she won't be able to leave the building for
another 30 minutes because of her disorder.  Martin looks
dismayed, but knows that he she needs his help.  In the
meantime, Louisa is in the pub and takes a bottle of wine and

two goblets out to a table on the balcony.  Back to Martin in his
consulting room listening to Tricia's recitation of her symptoms
while he checks his watch with a look of resignation.  Then back

to Louisa who has been watching and waiting for him.  Danny
walks out onto the balcony and asks if she is waiting for
someone.  She looks at the two goblets, sets one aside, smiles

at Danny, and says, "Not anymore."
As Martin is about to enter the grocers, he sees Louisa greet
Danny on the street and give him a peck on the cheek.  He
stands there in the doorway, not able to move and not able to
take his eyes off the pair.  A woman trying to get into the shop
finally puses into him and breaks the spell and he goes into the
shop.  A few minutes later, he is leaving the shop and sees
Louisa and Danny walking toward the school with the plants

they have purchased.  Again, he stands there staring at them
and looks like someone has pulled the rug out from under him.  
This time it is Mark's Jeep coming around the corner and

honking at him that breaks the moment, although he sees that
Mark has Julie in the Jeep with him and he seems to be
wondering what his problem is when Mark has this pretty

woman riding around with him.
Not long after he saw her on the street, Louisa comes up to the
surgery as Martin is shooing the dog out of the building. Martin
asks how her new job is going and she explains that she
sometimes wonders if she is really up to the job.  She thinks
maybe everyone feels that way in a new job, but not Martin of
course, because he is a proper professional.  She then tells him
that she has come for some professional advice.  She has a
friend who she feels is drinking too much and wonders how to
approach the subject.  Martin immediately realizes she is talking
about Caroline because he has the same concerns.  The
conversation quickly degenerates, probably because Martin is

still stinging after seeing Louisa and Danny together.  The last
time they had bumped into each other was right after he
overheard her telling Mark Mylow's sister about his haemophobia
- another conversation that did not go well.  This conversation
eventually turns to the subject of giving advice and Louisa

angers Martin by trying to point out that his patients might be
more inclined to take his advice if he would just listen and be
more approachable.  Martin says that if she is so conversant with
the finer points of his job, then she doesn't need his advice on
what to say to Caroline, and he stomps off back into the surgery.
Danny has come to the school while Louisa is watering the
plants in the classroom.  He remembers that they served
detention in this room when they were in school and they both
recall it was for pushing a fellow student into a wheelie bin.  As
they continue with the small talk, Danny tells Louisa that he only
did that thing to Martin because he kissed her.  Louisa is

shocked and asks if he has said something?  Danny asks who
she is talking about?  She says, "Martin.  Didn't you just say?"  
Danny then says it was Martin Ferry who they pushed into the
wheelie bin all those years ago.  The penny drops for Danny

and he tells her that now he understands why she has been
cool to him.  Louisa protests that she hasn't been cool.  And
that anyway, nothing actually ever happened.  It was just
moments.  A moment, really.
Martin is at the hospital to check on Caroline, and as he stops
in the doorway to her room, he sees Louisa and Danny sitting
side by side at her bedside with their backs to him.  He watches
while Danny puts his hand on Louisa's back and slightly
massages her back.  Martin, again, seems shocked at the sight

of them together once again, and looking very "together".  He
stands there stock still with a look of devastation on his face.  

Just then, Louisa turns and sees him standing there and she
slightly shrugs her shoulder to remove Danny's hand from her
back.  Martin continues to stare at her for another few seconds,
and then silently turns and walks slowly out of the room.  Louisa

is a bit flustered, looks down, starts to look back, and then
quietly looks back at Caroline.  We see a very fragile looking
Martin walking down the hospital corridor.  He looks like he has
closed down his emotions and we watch his back as he
mechanically walks toward the exit.
Gentlemen Prefer
Martin goes to the school to see if Louisa can help him identify the
very ill boy when Elaine writes down the wrong number.  Louisa
teases him about all of the people he has been throwing out of his
surgery.  She then tells him that he always has a line and that

every conversation is a competition that he has to win.  She
finishes by saying that it is so "male."   Martin responds,
"Thank you."  

They go into the office and Louisa calls the boy's house.  When
they determine that Bobby is the boy he is looking for, Martin

grabs the phone and talks to the mother.  Louisa corrects him on
the time it will take to get to the house, and after he hangs up the
phone, he starts to ask Louisa for directions and she hands him a
piece of paper and simply says, "Map."  Martin looks at her
curiously, but with respect for anticipating what he needed. Louisa
watches him walk out with a look of mixed feelings on her face.
When Louisa visits Roger in the hospital, she expresses disgust
that Martin has not been in to check on him.  Roger looks at her
and asks her why that bothers her so much.  Louisa looks unsure.
Martin is about to enter the church for the wedding when he sees
Louisa walking toward him.  He says to her, "Louisa.  You're
looking..."  She walks right past with no acknowledgement.  Martin
finishes, "...straight through me" and he walks into the church

with a puzzled look on his face.  He confronts her in the pews and
asks if he has done something to offend her.  She responds that

it's what he hasn't done.  Martin muses that it narrows it down a
bit.  Louisa tells him that she can't believe that he didn't visit
Roger in the hospital.  He starts to ask what she is going on
about, but he is shushed by a woman in front of them because
the wedding is about to begin.  

As they are walking into the reception, Louisa comes up to

Martin talking to Roger and tells him it's a bit late for the concerned
routine.  Roger sets her straight by telling her that he did visit him

in the hospital, and that he impressed the hell out of him.  Martin
chimes in that it was mutual.  Louisa is a bit startled that not only
was she wrong about Martin's actions, but that the two men now
seem to have formed a mutual admiration society. She hastily
makes her exit and enters the reception tent.  We see her later
looking a bit peeved when the whole tent sings "He's a Jolly Good
Fellow" after the announcement that Martin has re-hired Elaine.
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Going Bodmin
In the opening scene of the series, Martin is on a commuter plane
flying along the Cornish coast just north of Portwenn.  A beautiful
woman, who we come to know as Louisa, is sitting directly across
from him.  Martin's seat appears to be at the front of the plane and
faces to the rear, while all of the remaining seats face toward the
front and it's just the two of them sitting in this face-to-face seating
arrangement.  Martin drops his newspaper and begins staring at
her, rather pointedly.  She is becoming annoyed and glancing
around and finally starts to return his stare.  He then leans way in

to get a closer look at her.  She leans in toward him, clearly
annoyed, says, "You've got a problem", stands up, grabs her bag
and moves to another seat a few rows back and across the aisle.

His eyes follow her to her new seat and after she is seated she
steals another glance over at him.  He continues to look in her
direction for a few seconds, but eventually looks down and returns

to reading his newspaper.
Martin has arrived at a large hotel on the coast for his interview.  
He is standing in the lobby being introduced to the members of
the panel when Louisa enters and walks up to the group.  Chris
Parsons introduces her as, "Louisa Glasson, the lay member".  
Martin turns to shake her hand and they are simultaneously

startled when they recognize each other from the plane.  They
are both clearly flummoxed over the situation.
The panel is sitting in front of a large window in the otherwise
empty restaurant.  There is much laughter and it appears that the
interview has gone well and is wrapping up.  Martin asks if there

are any further questions, Chris gushes over their good fortune at
finding such a qualified candidate, and Martin stands to leave.  

But he is stopped when Louisa pipes up and asks a question
about his interpersonal skills.  Martin responds with a couple of
lines of resume, but Louisa isn't having it.  She questions whether
a surgeon who deals mostly with cases and bodies is equipped to
deal with individuals.  Martin stumbles a bit by saying "My work is
with the patients.  That's nothing but dealing with bodies...people."  
Louisa is not impressed and again states that working in the village
will require a good bedside manner.  Chris responds that he
believes Dr Ellingham is more than qualified, but Louisa is still not
convinced.  We then see Martin standing in the next room, reading

a newspaper while the panel is finishing up their discussion.  Chris
opens the door and calls for Martin to join them.  As he turns to

walk into the room, Louisa is leaving.  She stops, clearly annoyed,
and starts to warn him about crossing the line.  He interrupts her

by leaning in to stare at her face again, just as he did on the
plane.  Louisa becomes even more annoyed but it changes to
confusion when he starts asking about the vision in her eye.  He
puts his hand on her cheek and pulls at her lower eyelid while
continuing to question her about symptoms and then declares that
she has acute glaucoma and needs to see a specialist

immediately.  Chris again calls him into the room and Martin
excuses himself.  Louisa stands there, slightly bewildered and puts
her hand up to the cheek that Martin just touched.  She starts to
walk away but glances back at him.  At that same moment, he
glances back at her and runs his head right into the closed half

Martin is walking through the village after leaving the dog at the
Police Station.  As he walks past the school, he is startled to
recognize Louisa (now sporting an eye patch) through the

window.  He stops, backtracks a few steps, and stands there
staring at her through the window.  She turns and notices him and
they just stare at each other for a few seconds.  Louisa looks

slightly annoyed and she finally turns her attention back to the
students but Martin doesn't move until he hears Aunt Joan calling
him from across the street.  Aunt Joan remarks that he was

skulking at Louisa through the window, but he insists he didn't
realize that she worked there and had just spotted her as he

walked past.
Martin is walking around the village fair and, as usual, is putting his
foot in his mouth.  He spots Louisa, who is with her students (all
dressed as pirates, taking advantage of the eye patch Louisa is

still wearing) across The Platt, and they wave to each other.  
Louisa walks over to him and it appears that the antagonism has
cooled because she is smiling and tells him about the treatment

she is receiving on her eye.  He remarks that she will need to see
her doctor if she has any additional problems and she says that

she would, but that she got off to a bad start with him.  Martin
starts to assure her that her doctor would handle it professionally,
but the penny drops and he realizes that he must be her doctor.  
Louisa says that she should have told him she lives in Portwenn

and asks how he is finding the village.  Martin responds, "Irritating.  
Apart from the primary school teacher, who's a pirate, it seems."  
Louisa laughs and appears to be flirting with him.  She starts to

say that he's not at all like she thought he was and that he's
actually..., but he interrupts her when he spots Gilbert across the
way, says he's got to go, and rudely barges past her.  Louisa

turns to watch him leave and it's clear that the softening of her
attitude toward him may have just swung back in the other direction.
Martin has made his decision not to remain in Portwenn and, while
his car is being towed for repairs, he is walking through the village

to start packing up his belongings.  As he walks past the school,
he slows and stops to again peer through the window at Louisa.  
He stands there watching her interact with her students and the
look on his face grows more and more regretful.  He finally tuns
and walks away just as Louisa spots him.  She turns and watches
him walk down the hill.  She has a look of slight annoyance on her
face, but her mood is not as clear.
Martin is in the surgery packing his belongings.  Bert has just left
after trying to convince Martin that the village needs him and he
pauses and gazes out the window.  Is he looking across the

harbour at the school?  He suddenly seems to make a decision,
grabs a handsaw out of one of the boxes and marches out to the
porch.  He quickly saws in half the wooden stake holding the For
Sale sign, walks it over to the cliff and heaves it over the edge.  He
walks back to the front door, looks back over his shoulder at the
school across the harbour, and with a slight smirk on his face,

firmly closes the door.
Portwenn Effect
Louisa is on The Platt and purchases two tickets to the Portwenn
Players' Dance just as Martin walks up.  She tells him about the
event and offers him one of her tickets.  Martin declines saying that
doctors aren't allowed to attend social events and he doesn't
dance.  He then tells her he's busy that night, but she teasingly
reminds him that she hasn't told him the date.  Bert tries to entice
Martin to attend the dance, but Martin says it sounds appalling.  He
leaves and Louisa stands there checking him out as he walks away.
Mark has come to the surgery to talk to Martin about his "size"
concerns and shows him the "Big Boy" pills he bought on the
internet.   He reveals to Martin that the sense of urgency is

because he has a date with the woman of his dreams - Louisa.  
Martin at first misunderstands him and thinks that Mark has

guessed that Louisa is the woman of Martin's dreams, but when
he realizes what Mark actually meant, his gaze starts to wander
and you can see that his mind is now elsewhere.  He snaps out of
it and escorts Mark from the consulting room and then sits back
down at his desk with a faraway look in his eyes.
Louisa is at the dance and is starting to realize that Mark has
made some incorrect assumptions about her interest in him.  Mark
shows off his dancing moves with Louisa and she is very excited

for him and tells him what a great dancer he is.  But as she tries to
explain to him that she in not interested in him romantically, she

gets close so that he can hear her over the loud music.  Martin
has just arrived at the hall looking for Mark to talk to him about
Stewart and he sees the end of their dance and what appears to

be an embrace.  Of course, he misunderstands what is happening,
and with a disappointed look on his face turns and leaves the hall.  
Louisa notices him just before he turns to leave and she has a look
dismay at his reaction.
Martin and Al are trying to calm Stewart down as he is destroying
the birdhouses when Mark and Louisa arrive.  Mark also tries to
talk to Stewart but he has run off.  Louisa looks tentatively at
Martin as she arrives and then realizes that they had been blaming
Peter Cronk for the destruction of the birdhouses.  She says she

will go see him in and morning and says that it's awful to have
misunderstandings.  As she says that, she looks over at Martin
hoping that he will understand her double meaning.  As she walks
away with Mark, Martin watches them leave and she briefly turns to
look back at him.  Martin stands there for a few more seconds and
then turns and walks away.
When Martin and Mark are driving out to Stewart's the next
morning, Mark tells Martin that he realized last night that he
doesn't fancy Louisa.  Martin seems a little startled by the news.  
Later, after they have found Peter trying to run away from home,
Martin and Louisa stand next to each other watching Peter's

reunion with his mother, but they seem a little awkward around
each other.
Louisa is sitting in the pub reading a newspaper and sees
Martin, just outside the pub door, annoying a woman over her
sunbathing.  She attempts to convince him to leave the
stranger alone and then offers to go outside and explain that
he's a doctor and that's why he is concerned.  Martin tells her
that he doesn't need to be apologized for and walks away
leaving Louisa annoyed.
Martin is summoned to the school to check on Peter after his fall in
the playground.  He has just come from the pub where the patrons
played a joke on him to test his aversion to blood, so his mood is
even more surly than usual.  Peter tries to impress Martin by
diagnosing himself and Martin asks Peter if he has a medical
degree.  When Louisa tries to reason with Martin and remind him
that Peter is nine years old, Martin says, "Obviously, nine year

olds and nursery teachers know better than I do." and he storms
out.  Louisa tells Peter that it's not his fault - she believes Martin is
still upset with her over the sunbather incident. As Louisa and

Peter are heading to the hospital he asks, "Do you love him?"  
Louisa blurts out, "No.  Who?"  Peter gives her a smirk and she

tells him to mind his business.  It is a callback to part of a
conversation that Louisa and Peter had before his accident when
she told him that he is her special project.  Peter asked, "Is that
cause you've given up with Doc Martin?"  So Peter has an idea

that there is something going on there, even though neither
Louisa or Martin are ready to admit it.
Louisa walks up to the surgery to see Martin to tell him that Peter
was checked out at the hospital and is fine.  She finds Martin
sweeping the porch and brings up the discussion on Radio

Portwenn where she discovered that Martin has a blood issue.  
This annoys him and he starts to go off on the village and their
gossiping.  Louisa stays calm until he asks if "you people have
anything better to do with your time than gossip?"  Louisa says,

"You people?"  That sets her off and she lays into him about the
fact that she was on the panel that hired him and his blood issue
was never brought up - and refers to it as negligence at best.  She
immediately realizes she has gone too far and backs down saying
she didn't mean it.  Martin tersely informs her that before the
interview he wrote to the head of the PCT and explained the issue

in full.  Louisa again apologises and says, "I don't know why every
conversation we have is so combative.  Do you?  Martin?"  Martin
seems a little flummoxed and says, "No, when I speak it just makes
things worse."  Louisa responds that it's not an answer and is so
childish. She tells him that just like Peter, he deliberately stands
outside the crowd and then wonders why he feels isolated. She
finishes by telling him it is very selfish and storms off the porch

and down the hill while Martin stands there watching her leave.  
He then goes back to his sweeping, but now with a vengeance.
When Louisa receives a call in the middle of the night and realizes
that there is something wrong at the Cronk house, she immediately
calls Martin.  As she is leaving a message on his answering
machine, he must hear her voice in his sleep saying, "Martin.  
Martin.  I need you, Martin." because it becomes a dream that

she is in his bed seducing him.  He wakes up to discover that he is
kissing the shaggy dog and hears the end of the message from

the phone downstairs.  Martin and Louisa work together at the
Cronk house to get Mark there and to call for an air ambulance.  
When the air ambulance can't get there, they are loaded into an
ambulance and sit on either side of Peter as they speed to the
hospital in Truro.  Louisa watches Martin apologize to Peter and
then he tells her the very personal story about how he developed
the blood phobia.  When Peter starts bleeding out, they again

work together to stabilize him and Louisa watches Martin fight
through his nausea to save Peter's life.  At the hospital, they run
along with the emergency team through the hall and are stopped
when Peter is rushed through the doors to the surgical theatre.  
Louisa grabs Martin's hand as Peter and the doctors disappear
through the door.  When they turn to walk away, Martin looks

down, sees their locked hands and shyly breaks the connection.
In the morning, Martin, Louisa and Mrs Cronk are sitting in the
hospital waiting area and Louisa is asleep with her head on

Martin's shoulder.  Martin is looking down at her and seems very
content with the arrangement.  Just then, Mrs Cronk gets up,

Louisa wakes up, and the surgeon arrives.  After they are assured
that the surgery was successful, Martin realizes that the surgeon,
Adrian Pitts (a former pupil of his), was the one who told the

villagers about his blood issue.  As they leave the hospital, Louisa
asks Martin to wait in the taxi for her and she goes back into the
building, walks up to Adrian Pitts (who is surrounded by other
hospital staff) and gives him a severe dressing down over his
treatment of Martin.  She tells him that Martin is ten times the man

he will ever be and finishes by warning him to never do anything
like that again or he will suffer her wrath.  As they drive home in
the taxi, Louisa tells Martin that he did a very special thing.  Louisa
talks about Peter and how he, and others like him, will never quite

fit in and will never be ordinary.  She concludes that maybe it's not
such a bad thing and maybe that's why we love the Peters of the
world, and then she trails off embarrassed because she realizes

she is talking about Martin.  Louisa sets her hand on the seat
between them.  Martin looks down and starts to move his hand
toward hers, but loses his courage and pulls it back.  A minute

later, his courage returns and he moves his hand to touch hers.  
At the instant they touch, Louisa turns and grabs him for a
passionate kiss.  They break apart for a second and this time

Martin grabs her and they have a second, even more passionate
kiss.  As they break apart and stare into each other's eyes, Louisa

is smiling.  Martin seems to want to say something and Louisa
urges him to say what's on his mind.  He asks her if she has a
regular dental hygiene routine?  Louisa realizes that he is trying to
tell her that she has bad breath.  He tries to salvage the situation

by saying he needs to rule out any infections in the aerodigestive
tract, but that a dietary explanation would be the happiest

outcome.  Louisa can't quite believe what she is hearing.  Just
then, the taxi stops, the door is pushed open and Martin steps
from the car.  Louisa slams the door shut and as the taxi speeds
away, Martin can't quite believe she has left him in the middle of

the road.  He pulls himself together, climbs up the embankment on
the side of the road, finds the shaggy dog waiting for him, and

starts walking across an open field toward the village in the