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Doc Martin is
Misc Trivia
Martin ran a team of senior registrars at St. John's.
Martin replaces the late Dr Sim in Portwenn.
Prescott Movers are moving Martin into the surgery.
The surgery was offered for sale by Trebarskin Properties - Telephone 01632 960 00
Elaine lives in Delabole.
Elaine's never-seen boyfriend is Greg.
Elaine says she's 26 years old.
Martin refers to Aunt Joan's farm as "Haven Farm".
The festival on The Platt is called "Portwenn Lifeboat Day".
At the fair, Martin sees a painting he likes.  We've actually already seen it on the wall in his consulting room.  Over the
years we will see it in several places, both on the main floor and upstairs.
Martin has his first airbag deployment when he is looking for Ross on the moor and run off the road by the fishermen.
Chris Parsons and Martin were at med school together.  Chris couldn't stand him the first few years.
Chris Parsons' son is Dan.
Martin orders a glass of water in the pub, but when he thinks he's gotten Susan and Gilbert back together, he says,
"Mine's a pint."
Aunt Joan hints that there was a reason that Martin's father stopped sending him to the farm when he was a child.
Martin and Louisa gaze at each other through the school window.  She is wearing an eye patch and he has a bandage
across the bridge of his nose.  A clue that they are both damaged?
Aunt Joan calls him "Marty" twice, Martin calls her "Auntie Joan" twice.
The dog seems to have a way to get into the surgery on his own.
Elaine bought 20 boxes of biscuits and tried to go through the 6 items or less check out.
Marianne Walker is Martin's first patient.
Martin tries to order a glass of mineral water & pasta, then soup, then chili con carne at the outdoor cafe.
The petrol station cashier is Pamela.
Martin has his second air bag deployment when he runs into Roger at the petrol station.
Richard Edgerton is the ENT Martin refers Roger to.
Martin tells the ENT that Roger is a smoker, although we never see him smoking.
Elaine's dad (Bruce) is marrying Carmen.  Carmen's dog is Lady Lancelot, who has already eaten 5 lipsticks this week.
Martin tells Bruce and Carmen, "It's not my dog." (first time)
Mark invites Martin for a drink - and then to his house for a single malt.  Martin turns him down.
All of Martin's patients have cancelled.  Mrs Winter is the last one.
Roger used to sing in a band.
Roger asks Martin what he does when he's not working.  Martin responds, "I'm always working."
Roger's surgery is scheduled for Friday the 13th.
Elaine is planning to go to Majorca for one or two months.
Martin stuffs his raincoat into a trash bin in a hospital bathroom after it is soiled with blood.
Roger is reading Jack Higgins' "Wrath of the Lion" in his hospital bed.
Roger has a grown up daughter.
Martin is an only child.  His parents are retired to Portugal, but he says they are "vile" and he doesn't speak to them.
Aunt Joan calls him "Marty" once.
Radio Portwenn is in the Headland Hotel (actual hotel name).  We see people walking in with luggage.
Radio Portwenn is 106.1 MH
Martin is the guest on Caroline's radio show called "Portwenn Personality Playlist".
Caroline refers to Martin's career in London as a "top surgeon" and he corrects her "a vascular specialist".
Martin says the reason he came to Portwenn was "I wanted to move".
Bob is the man selling lobsters at the Fish Cellars
Martin tells Caroline that he has never been married or engaged.  (Nor has he left a trail of broken hearts in London)
Martin tells Caroline that he spent a summer or two in Portwenn as a young boy with his Aunt Joan.
Large & Son's phone number on the side of the red van is "01632 960 008"
Roger Fenn lost his job in September and Martin was still a surgeon in London then
Martin's father wanted him to follow him into the Navy but when he declined they didn't speak for 3 months.  They still don't
Martin enters the Surgery through the side door for the first (and only) time.
Mrs Tishell first suggests that she and Martin review the MHRA bulletin.
Mrs Braithwaite and her daughter Emily live at 21 Playful Street.
Martin suspects the pool at the leisure centre is contaminated with Cryptosporidium parvum.
Portwenn had a scare about their water three years ago that almost closed the village down.  They thought there was
aluminium in the water but it was a false alarm.  The Nalders lost their house and Bob Pearson hanged himself.
Ed Johnson is a reporter for the Cornish Echo.
Bert's bottled water is called "Chateau St Marie".
The music class that Louisa has put together will include students from St Wilfrid's.
Both Bert and Martin quote Daphne du Maurier as saying that the Cornish water is worth a pound a pint.
Roger Fenn gave Elaine a "D" for Attitude in school.
Louisa asks the kids at music club to settle down and singles out Lucy Holmes.
The song Roger plays is "Never Ever" by the British-Canadian girl band "All Saints".  The song was released in 1997 and
won two Brit Awards.  The underlying tune is "Amazing Grace".
Martin again orders water in the pub.
Aunt Joan calls him "Marty" once.
Portwenn Players Dance has a disco ball, all the beer you can drink, two glasses of white wine and a band - all for a
tenner (£10).
Martin says he hates driving.
Bob in the lifeboat house has woodworking tools.
Mark's bottle of Big Boy tablets has this description on the label:  Peak Performance Manhood Enhancer.
Lucy Holmes pops up again, this time in the hallway of the school chanting, "Miss Glasson's got a boyfriend". (third
mention of her - also in S1E1 and S1E3)
Martine tells Stewart the reason he is no longer a surgeon is "A personal choice".
Stewart thinks that Dr Sim was prescribing him nitrazepam, but it was just vitamins.
Stewart's information:  Stewart Edward James.  Born October 14, 1966.  He took a bullet in Bosnia - Friendly fire from
Tony (bloody) Bartlett.
Martin is planning to section Stewart under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.
Stewart is destroying birdhouses at the back of Playstreet Lane.
Martin finally acknowledges something that Dr Sim did correctly (gave Stewart vitamin tablets in place of the prescription
he thought he was taking).
Aunt Joan calls him "Marty" once.
Of All the
Harbours in
All the Towns
John Slater once took Martin and Aunt Joan on a trip to Padstow for the day, but Martin wet himself and they had to go
home early.
John Slater used to live around Portwenn but now lives in Hong Kong.
Aunt Joan's husband, Phil, died a number of years ago from motor neuron disease.
Aunt Joan had an affair with John Slater when Martin was a boy and visiting the farm.
Aunt Joan tells Martin to tell John Slater that she has gone up to London for business.
John has atrial fibrillation, had rheumatic fever when he first went to Hong Kong, embolism, angioplasty & a stent,
Elaine in pub is listening to The Coors on a portable CD player.  Al says he likes to listen to Eminem, Dido, Alanis
Morissette, Portishead (likes the song "Glory Box"), John Martyn - Elaine is impressed that he knows John Martyn.
John Slater was married to a woman named Amy around the time that Aunt Joan's husband died.  John says that the
marriage lasted "five minutes".
The card Melanie gives to Martin says, "Thank you…it was just great!"  Melanie wrote,
To Martin
lots of love
Melanie brings her dog "Mary" to see Martin.  This is actually Martin Clunes' dog named "Mary".  This episode was filmed
in 2004, and Mary died in 2010.
Melanie is 15 years old.
Mark tells Martin he "got that single malt you like - still nearly full".  
Mark tells Martin that in Portwenn if you accept a girl's cake it means you're engaged.
Melanie's father teaches Tae kwon do at the leisure centre.
Aunt Joan and John's picnic basket contains champagne, strawberries, and cheese and pickle sandwiches.
Martin pours a neat whiskey for himself and Aunt Joan - she adds some water to hers.
John tells Aunt Joan that his new love (wife?) is named Laura.
It had been 30 years since Aunt Joan broke John's heart.
Adrian Pitts drives a red Mercedes convertible.
Both Martin and Chris Parsons think Adrian is an "ass".
Peter Cronk is 9 years old.
Martin tells Aunt Joan that he's surprised his blood issue hasn't been broadcast on Radio Portwenn.  On his way back to
the village, he hears it broadcast on Radio Portwenn.
Radio Portwenn's phone number is "Portwenn 6178".
Lily is the listener who calls Radio Portwenn to tell the village that the Doc is "scared of blood".  She says that Bert might
have bled to death because the Doc wouldn't go near him.
Louisa gets ice cream for Peter and herself from Kelly's Ice Cream truck.
Peter tells Louisa that "Lucy Holmes says that the Doc can't bear the sight of blood".
Morwenna is the second caller to Radio Portwenn and she says that she specializes in homeopathic medicine. She thinks
that Doc Martin might benefit from Thuja Occidentalis.  
Mrs Cronk has frequent panic attacks.
Martin wrote to the head of the PCT in advance of his interview, explaining in full his issue with blood.
Martin explains his blood issue to Louisa "It's a minor anxiety disorder resulting from overexposure to a high-pressure
environment.  I was operating on a woman one day.  Simple procedure.  I went to see her in the ward beforhand and her
family were there.  Her husband, her sister and her son.  They were clinging to her.  Wouldn't let go.  And the next time I
saw her was prepped, laid out in front of me on the operating table.  And I couldn't do it.  Haven't been able to operate
since, actually.  Which is a shame, because it's the only thing I was ever any good at."
In the ambulance, Peter is bleeding out and needs fluids.  Martin asks the attendant if he has plasma, but he only has
The tool that breaks in the ambulance when Martin tires to use it is a Spencer Wells forceps.
Martin doesn't like hospital coffee.
After the kiss in the taxi, Martin suggests that Louisa has rhinusitis or gastroesophageal reflux.  Or possibly an infection of
the aerodigestive tract.