On the Edge
Martin comes in for antiseptic wipes, which
haven't arrived yet.  She tries to lure him
upstairs with the latest issue of the MHRA

with a fascinating article on elephantiasis, a
cup of tea, and biscuits (she suspects he is

a hobnob sort of man).  He then asks for a
tube of tolnaftate cream on his personal
account.  She pushes and asks if it is for
athletes foot or the dhobi's itch?  Through
gritted teeth he says, "Just the feet", spots
Louisa walking by and says, "I'm sure I'll
survive" and hurries out the door and down
the street after her.
Gavin comes into the chemist to ask Mrs
Tishell about Dr Ellingham.  She gushes
about what a warm, caring, charming man
he is.  That they are truly blessed to have
such a giant of a man in their small village.  
That he has healing hands, big hands, big
Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Blood is Thicker
Martin comes into the chemist to pick up
syringes (she ordered 10mm and they sent
1mm, so he doesn't want those) and he asks
if she has had a lot of requests for diarrhea
remedies.  They are interrupted by Sandra
Mylow, the new herbalist in town.
Mrs Tishell
Cats and Sharks
She is in front of the chemist and sees
Martin walking nearby.  She runs after him
and tells him that he made the right decision
about Louisa Glasson - and that they were
never meant to be.  Martin ignores the
personal comments and asks what's wrong
with her face.  She says it might be her new
lipstick or maybe he noticed her hair.  He
says, "No." and walks away as she says,

"Oh Doctor Ellingham.  Always teasing me.  
See you later?"
Martin stops in the chemist to pick up
pessary rings.  She suggests that maybe
they could meet tonight to have a chat
about everything.  When he ignores the
invitation she suggests that she is free
tomorrow night.  He just tries to get out as
quickly as he can and tells her to put the
pessary rings on his account.
It's early evening and she is sitting at her
dressing table putting on makeup.  Her hair

is all curled and she is wearing a pink satin
robe and a black neck brace.  There is a
picture of Martin in an elaborate frame on

the dressing table.
Sh*t Happens
Martin meets Mrs Tishell for the very first
time and is very cordial to her. When she
tells him that she has been waiting to meet
him, and that it's common practice for the

new GP to pay a visit on the local
pharmacist, he apologises to her.  He even
admits that it was unprofessional of him.  

The conversation starts out on a good foot,
but it soon becomes apparent to Martin that
she is looking for a friend who is up for long
chats to discuss the latest medical
advancements over tea and biscuits (she
apparently did with the late, great Dr Sim).  
Martin tries, several times, to let her know

that he does not intend to have this type of
relationship with her, but she continues
trying.  He finally needs to get firm with her

to get the information that he came for - the
list of villagers with stomach problems.
Driving Mr McLynn
Martin walks into the chemist to find Mrs
Tishell on the floor picking up the items that
were just knocked over by Mr McLynn in his
wheelchair.  She apologises and said if she
knew he was coming that she would have
made herself presentable.  Martin quizzes

her about Mr McLynn's condition and she is
able to provide him with some valuable
Martin goes to see Mrs Tishell about
Caroline's attempt to get another dosage of
fluconazole.  At first, Mrs Tishell thinks that

he is upset with her for her refusal, but he
tells her that she was correct in refusing to
give Caroline the medication.  Mrs Tishell is
relieved that she did the right thing and is
emboldened to ask him to sit down with her

to review the latest journals.  She offers him
tea and pasties.  He tells her he has surgery
and takes his leave.  As he walks out the
door, she quietly says, "Homemade."
Better the Devil
Martin stops in to pick up supplies and Mrs
Tishell immediately unbuttons the top button
of her jacket.  She tries to engage him in
conversation about people who eat paper,
dirt, etc and then agrees with him when he
calls it half-baked sensationalism.  Clive

walks down the stairs and is reluctantly
introduced to Martin.
She has brought Clive to the surgery for his
bleeding ear.  After Martin finds that he will

be able to cure Clive's hearing loss so he
can go back on the boats, as Mrs Tishell is
leaving, she tells Martin (seductively, as

only she can) that Clive will soon be gone,
far away, and that she will be all on her
own again.
The Departed
Martin stops in for some medication and
Mrs T tries to engage him in conversation
about her observations of Mrs Selkirk's
bizarre behaviour (although she actually

gives him some important information).  As
he leaves, she says, "Come back soon.  I'm
always here for you."
Happily Ever After
Mrs Tishell is practicing the organ when
Martin walks into the church to talk to the
vicar.  Martin says he didn't know she

played and she gets all dreamy and says
that there is a lot they don't know about
each other "ships passing in the night".  
Then Martin asks to see the vicar and she
gets excited thinking that he is cancelling

the wedding.  She says, "What?  you're not
having doubts, are you?  Not having

second thoughts?  Cause a bachelor life
can be quite nice."
Mrs Tishell knocks on Louisa's door to
check that everything is okay.  She tells
Louisa she thought the wedding might be
postponed.  Louisa is confused and asks
what she means, Mrs Tishell says, "The
vicar.  Oh... Dr Ellingham didn't tell you."
When Louisa calls Martin to ask what
happened to the vicar, Mrs Tishell is

listening from around the corner.  Louisa
drops her voice to a whisper when she

asks Martin if he might be subconsciously
sabotaging the wedding and she looks over
trying to make sure that Mrs T cannot hear
While Louisa is having her hair fixed, Mrs
Tishell, Pauline and Roger are on the

balcony discussing what life will be like for
the married couple.  Mrs T waxes poetically
about Martin regaling dinner party guests

with tales from medical school.  When
children are brought up, she says that he
would make a wonderful father.
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