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Doc Martin is
After much discussion on the ties that Martin wears in the series, I decided to catalogue his ties.  
That led me to also cataloguing his shirts, Louisa's outfits (I like that she often wears items from
her closet more than once - like the rest of the world does!), and I continue to add other items.

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Martin has worn the same watch since the very first episode of Series 1.

In Series 1 and the beginning of Series 2, he wore a combination of shirts that had either
cufflinks or button cuffs.  Starting in S2E6 all of his shirts have cufflinks.
Louisa wore a silver watch in Series 1, but changed to sleeker one starting in Series 2.  It
appears that she has worn that same watch from the beginning of Series 2 through Series 9.

Louisa also wore a chunky ring on the middle finger of her right hand in Series 1.  Starting in
Series 2, she was wearing a similar ring, but one with a burgundy stone - and has continued to
wear that ring on the middle finger of her right hand through Series 9.

Louisa has used the same brown leather purse right from the very first episode in Series 1.  In
later series we also saw her using other tote bags (often a striped fabric one) but she almost
always has the leather purse - sometimes it is tucked into the tote bag.  Louisa's purse is
almost a character in itself and often is used to reflect her mood in the way it is carried,
swinging or twirled.  
The Costume Designer in Series 1 was Lindsey McLean.  Starting with the first episode of
Series 2, Les Lansdown became the Costume Designer and he has continued in that role
through Series 7.  Both have been Costume Designers on other productions that Martin has
appeared in (Lindsey on Hunting Venus, Beauty, and the two Doc Martin Movies) (Les on
Goodbye Mr Chips and Arthur & George).

In Series 1, Martin wears several suits, shirts and ties that never appear again, which would be
explained by the move to a different designer in Series 2.  As explained below, Louisa's
jewelery also changed in Series 2 - and has remained the same through Series 9.
A few wardrobe notes:
Martin's watch
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Louisa's watches
Louisa's rings
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