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    I found lots of humor in this episode in the exchanges between the Doc and Mr. and Mrs. McLynn, as they try to hide the reason for wanting to obtain a parking placard for their car. The first encounter in the surgery, when the Doc wants to verify Mr. McLynn’s paralysis, is a hoot. The Doc accidentally sticks a “neurological pin” in the patient’s hand when Mr McLynn flinches because of a fear of needles. The McLynns flee the office, declaring to all within earshot that the doctor has stabbed him with a needle. All the time, the Doc is almost more focused on correcting the terminology (that it is not a needle, but a neurological pin) than he is on the effect on the patient. He shouts to Pauline to retrieve the pin and she deftly grabs it from Mr McLynn’s hand as his wife hurriedly wheels him through the door.

    The encounter at the end of the episode with Mrs McLynn ends with a brief exchange that always makes me laugh. He tells her she has macular degeneration, but they have caught it early and he should be able to save most of her vision.
    Mrs. McLynn: “You won’t do anything horrible?”
    Doc: “Of course not. I’ll treat you with VEGF inhibitors.”
    Mr. McLynn: “Ah, those are pills?”
    Doc: “Injections.”
    Mr.: “Into her arm?
    Doc: “Into her eyeball. Insert needles into her eyeballs and inject the inhibitors into the base of each retina….Problem?”

    Martin and Louisa continue their disagreement over how much she should be working during her pregnancy. When he learns she is applying for the Head Teacher position, he announces to Stu McKenzie that he intends to not vote for her during the meeting of the Board of Governors, so Stu tells him not to come to the meeting, as he will replace him with someone else. At that point, I wondered why they show the Doc writing in his diary as if noting the appointment, when he was told not to attend.

    This episode also reveals a bit more about the history between Martin and Edith. They continue to seem quite comfortable in each other’s company and familiar with each other’s habits. They are not reluctant to be blunt with each other. In many ways, they seem to be much more compatible than Martin and Louisa will ever be. However, it is apparent that his interest in Edith is only professional; whereas, she appears to be actively pursuing him.

    This episode also gives a prominent place to one of the Doc’s most famous lines: “Make an appointment!”, as Sally Chadwick asks for medical advice when they encounter each other outside Louisa’s cottage.

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