Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Out of the Woods
As Louisa is telling Martin that she was glad
he was there to save the young boy on the
beach from the weaver sting, Pauline runs up
with Al calling about Mark's snake bite.
As Louisa is telling Martin that she was
worried about him out in the woods, Stewart
comes out the door and says he is bleeding
all over Martin's floor.
Born With a Shotgun
Louisa and Martin are in bed.  As Martin
starts to wake up, she tells him that she and
the baby will move to London with him.  It
looks like they are just about to have a nice
moment when Buddy charges into the
bedroom and onto the bed startling the baby
(not to mention Martin).
Blood is Thicker
Louisa has just stunned Martin,
suggesting that Sandra might be able to
help him with his blood problem
when Danny walks into the pub.
City Slickers
Martin and Louisa's dinner at her cottage has
just begun.  He has just told her that she
looks very...busy and she seems to
understand what he really meant because
she says, "Thank you."  Just then, there is a
knock at the door.  It is the new neighbors,
the Oakwood family, and their evening
together is suddenly over.
Martin comes by the school to tell Louisa to
watch for signs of TB symptoms in her pupils.  
She points out that he could have phoned her
with the information, but he says that he was
passing by.  He sits on top of a student desk
across from her and looks like he is settling in
for a chat when the door opens and students
stream into the classroom.
Martin and Louisa are standing outside her
cottage door discussing the horrible parents
Sam has been burdened with.  Martin has just
shocked not only Louisa, but himself by
saying that Louisa would make a "lovely
mother", when Anthony Oakwood shouts for
him to attend to Terri, who has just burned
herself with the green soup.
Sh*t Happens
Martin and Louisa have arrived at the pub to
attempt their first date.  Louisa goes to fetch
the drinks while Martin goes out to the
balcony to find a table.  Mark Mylow is on the
balcony and tells Martin that he needs to talk
to him.  While Martin is very gracious, he tries
to tell Mark that it isn't a good time, but it goes
right over Mark's head.  As Louisa comes out
with the drinks, Mark asks for a bit of privacy
for his chat with Martin and it looks like Martin
will be stuck there for the evening.
Always on My Mind
Martin is just about to leave to meet Louisa at
the pub when Trisha walks in, finally ready to
admit her OCD.  While Martin tries to explain
that he has to be somewhere, he recognizes
that she needs his help now.  
(But he could have called Louisa!)
Perish Together as Fools
Martin and Louisa are in a heated argument
about him discussing the baby's development
with Edith and Louisa asking for medical
advice when it suits her, when Mr Routledge
interrupts them by coming back downstairs -
and then falls and breaks his hip.
Happily Ever After
Just as Martin and Louisa are starting to
really discuss the reasons they each had for
not turning up at the church, the dry cleaner
walks in the back door with Martin's missing
Going Bodmin
As Martin and Louisa are having their first
private discussion (he's diagnosing her acute
glaucoma), they are interrupted by Chris
calling him back into the next room to
celebrate his hiring.
At the fair, Martin and Louisa are finally
having a nice conversation, with a touch of
flirtation, when Martin spots Gilbert and he
rudely brushes past Louisa to go talk to him.
On the Edge
Martin is trying to make it up to Louisa over
his accusation that she was delusional after
their kiss and his admission that he was in
love with her.  He gives her a birthday card
and starts to ask her out to dinner when her
father suddenly appears behind Martin.
Louisa gives a speech about Martin
potentially leaving Portwenn and concludes
by saying that she wants him to stay.  He
says, "Louisa..." but we can't hear the rest of
the sentence because Jonathan barges into
the surgery.
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