Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Standing Up
For Martin
Blood is Thicker
When Louisa's discussion with Sandra Mylow,
a herbalist, leads to her revealing Martin's
blood phobia, Sandra finds it very funny and
starts laughing.  Louisa then interjects that he
is a very, very good doctor.
On the Edge
After meeting Louisa's father, Martin excuses
himself and walks away.  Her father says that
he bets he's the life and soul of the party.  
Louisa tell him that he's alright, he's just
In the meeting called by Gavin to go over the
complaints received against Martin, Louisa
takes issue with many of the people who had
lodged the complaints.  She then tells Gavin
that while she finds Dr Ellingham a bit
frustrating at times, the village is very lucky to
have him.
Happily Ever After
When Isobel asks what Martin is like, in the
face of Pauline's snarky remarks, Louisa
says, "He's straightforward.  He's moral.  
Always on My Mind
After Martin is very rude to Louisa and Tricia
when he has come to the school to remove a
small fishbone from a student's throat, Louisa
tells Tricia that she is sorry, that he isn't
normally that rude.  But then she says that
actually he IS normally that rude, but that he
also happens to be a very good doctor.
The Departed
After his contentious visit to attend to Theo
Wenn, Martin leaves after giving terse
instructions to the parents.  Louisa had also
been called there by the Wenns and as she
leaves to follow Martin, she says, "You know,
Martin is a very, very good Doctor."  Mrs
Wenn's responds snarkily, "You're carrying
his child, aren't you?"
City Slicker
Martin has confronted the Oakwoods over
Sam's vandalism (not to mention the burning
badger).  Anthony tells Sam that some people
are precious about their possessions.  Louisa
jumps in and says that Martin is not being
"precious" about his possessions, but that
Sam needs to learn the difference between
right and wrong.
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Louisa marches up to Adrian Pitts, and in
front of a group of colleagues gives him a
dressing down and warning about ever bad
mouthing Martin again.