Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Medical Speak
Cats and Sharks
Mrs Tishell sees Martin walking across the
platt and runs after him.  She tells him that he
made the right decision about Louisa Glasson
and that they were never meant to be.  Martin
completely ignores the highly personal
comment and asks her what is wrong with her
face. (It is her new lipstick)
Aunt Ruth comes into Martin's consulting
room and when Martin asks if she is there as
a patient, she says, "Yes and No."  She
begins with a personal question, "Are you
considering changing your mind about
Louisa?" and he goes into "Doctor Mode" by
saying, "No.  So, as your doctor, what can I
do for you."
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After Martin and Louisa share a passionate
kiss in the taxi, Martin tells her that he is
concerned she might have a medical
condition.  She realizes he is talking about
her bad breath after they were up all night in
the hospital.