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A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Of All the Harbours in All the Towns
When Elaine throws a tantrum and breaks a
glass, Martin says nothing and just walks out
of the kitchen.
Martin tries to stand up to John for Joan, but
she waves him off.
Martin is very gentle and very nice to Melanie
all through the episode.  Of course, this gets
him into more and more trouble as she
becomes even more besotted with him.
Martin hugs and comforts Aunt Joan as John
sails away.
Nice Martin
Cats and Sharks
Even though he was rude to her in one part of
the episode, Martin has a little bit of a soft
spot for Mrs Dingley.  This is surprising
because she is a very unkempt woman and
she rescues cats.  You would have expected
that Martin would have little regard for her.  
On the surface it seems that way, but his
interactions with her were a little bit
surprising.  Especially in the last scene.  He
was cleaning her face and very gently told her
that she wouldn't fall so much if she got new
spectacles.  He then told her a little soap
wouldn't go amiss either, but again, said in a
soft, caring voice.  When Joe tries to question
her about the broken car window, Martin tries
to advocate for her but she confesses to the
crime.  After Joe decides to let her off and
walks away, her tears miraculously dry up and
Martin shoots her a look because she fooled
them both with the tears.
Sh*t Happens
Martin meets Mrs Tishell for the very first time
and is very cordial to her.  When she tells him
that she has been waiting to meet him, and
that it is common practice for the new GP to
pay a visit on the local pharmacist, he
apologises to her.  He even admits that it was
unprofessional of him.
We see Martin trying to teach Elaine how the
computer network works, but when Martin
discovers that Al is trying to develop a career
working on computers, he plays dumb about
networks and asks Al to take a look at it.  Al
checks out the computer and says that the
network is all messed up but it seems
obvious that Martin has fiddled with it to make
it look like he needs Al's help.  He then hires
Al to keep the computers in the surgery
After Bert agrees to stop selling the
contaminated bottled water, Martin covers for
him - both with Caroline on the radio and with
Louisa as they walk into the pub.
Mark interrupts Martin and Louisa's first date
at the pub and he is dismayed but listens to
Mark's troubles as Louisa walks away.
Always on My Mind
After being very rude to Louisa and Tricia
(although it was really meant for Louisa), he
takes his time to be helpful to Tricia on two
occasions.  The first time is when he sees her
trying to enter her cottage.  He stops and
walks up to her and gently tells her that he
thinks her problem is OCD.
Martin is just about to leave to meet Louisa at
the pub when Trisha walks in, finally ready to
admit her OCD.  While Martin tries to explain
that he has to be somewhere, he recognizes
that she needs his help now and misses out
on the evening with Louisa.
After the confrontation in his office about her
drinking, Martin is very gentle with Caroline
when he comes to the police station to draw
her blood.  He asks her if she is all right, but
she is dismissive of his concern.  After
drawing the blood, he tells her that she is not
well and asks if he can do some more tests
while he is there.  She tells him that he is no
longer her doctor, but he still tries to convince
her to let him examine her.  She refuses and
he offers to drive her home.  When they pull
up to the house, he looks at her with concern,
but before he can say anything she lurches
out of the car and into the house.  
Better the Devil
Buddy follows Martin up Roscarrock Hill to the
surgery.  After he shuts the door on him, he
opens it again, looks around, and next you
see him driving him back out to Aunt Joan's
The Departed
Martin is arriving at the surgery porch after
attending Theo Wenn and Mrs Selkirk is
standing there waiting for him.  She tells him
again that her late husband is with her.  This
time he seems to show a real concern for
her.  He asks her a couple of questions to
determine her mental well-being, and even
though she passes the test he tells her that
he would still like to have the district nurse
check in on her.
Gentlemen Prefer
Although Roger and Martin have not had a
good start to their doctor-patient relationship,
when Martin finds out that Roger's tests show
that he has cancer, he immediately drives out
to his house and gently shares the news.
Even though Bobby and his family also didn't
have a great start with Martin, when he sees
him playing football on The Platt, he retrieves
the wayward ball for him and nicely asks how
he is feeling.  When Bobby says he doesn't
like him, Martin responds that it's okay
because Martin likes Bobby.  Bobby repays
him by calling him the w-word, the t-word, the
p-word and the z-word.
Martin just can't seem to shake the dog, so he
drives him out to Aunt Joan's farm to re-home
him there.  He tells him that dogs are
supposed to enjoy living on farms.
When Elaine comes in to collect her back pay,
Martin tries to convince her to attend her
father's wedding.  He also delves into her
feelings about Carmen replacing her mother
and admits that he could have been more
When Martin visits Roger in the hospital they
really seem to bond.  Martin reveals to him
the reason that he had to quit surgery and
then makes jokes about how the village will
fall out of love with him if they find out and
about how Roger won't be able to tell them
anyway because of his surgery.  He sits down
and shares with him the bad relationship he
has with his parents.
At the wedding, as they are standing outside
the reception tent, Martin jokes with Roger
about how he will try to fit him in to his rather
empty patient appointment book.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
When Morwenna shows up late for work and
tells Martin she was putting new flowers on her
grandfather's grave, he isn't angry with her -
despite patients already in the waiting room.  
He simply says, "Yes" and calls for his first
patient.  A new, married, more understanding
Louisa comes into the consulting room after
putting James to bed and sees Martin working
on a clock.  She asks what he is doing and he
invites her to sit down and proceeds to explain
how he is repairing a part of the clock.  Of
course, this goes all wrong when Louisa tries
to talk about their two week anniversary.  
Martin says its not really an anniversary and
goes back to explaining the repair.  Louisa
gets up and leaves, Martin looks a bit puzzled,
but just goes back to his clock.
Martin seems to be trying to fulfil his role as
husband to the village's head teacher by
willingly attending a school concert.  When
Louisa prods him to be more sociable, he
suddenly invites one of the school governors
to dinner, not realizing that Louisa doesn't like
the man but was only being pleasant to him
because her job demanded it.  After making
the invitation, he even turns to Louisa and
says, "What do you think darling?"  Louisa
seems stunned by the public endearment, but
Martin doesn't realize the mistake he made by
choosing the wrong person to invite as their
first guest as a married couple.
The Tameness of a Wolf
When Martin tells Becky Wead that he will
need a stool sample, her mother interprets
that he is asking for "poo-poo."  Martin gets a
container and hands it to Becky and tells her
to put a piece of "...poo-poo" into it.  (He is
usually a stickler for proper medical
When Martin and Joe meet at Aunt Ruth's
farm to confront Robert Campbell, they
actually seem to be working together.  Joe
tells him that they need backup: swat team,
chopper, armed response.  Martin sincerely
asks him if he can get all that.  It's not until
Joe says, "No" that Martin says, "Idiot" and
walks away.
Martin is very nice to Aunt Ruth a few times in
the episode.  He invites her to lunch for her
birthday (with a slight prompt from Louisa),
offers to come by in the evening when she is
concerned about a stalker, and offers to
make her a cup of tea after the incident with
Perish Together as Fools
When Joe tries to give Martin the painting that
Sam forged, he also apologises for what his
brother almost did to their "special"
relationship.  He asks Martin if they are okay
now and Martin just give him a "pffft", which is
one of the nicest reactions he has had to
Joe's repeated declarations of friendship.
Going Bodmin
As Martin is driving into Portwenn to move into
the surgery, he stops at the beach and smiles
when he sees a Volkswagen floating in the
Martin drives to Aunt Joan's farm and greets
her with a smile and a hug.  When he leaves,
he gives her a kiss on the cheek.
Martin has his first nice conversation with
Louisa at the fair and makes a joke that the
primary school teacher is apparently a pirate.
Martin is upset that he might be responsible
for the break up of Gilbert and Susan's
marriage, so he invites Susan to the pub to
apologise and see if there is anything he can
do to help.  But he has also invited Gilbert
and Ross so that they can all talk it out.  His
intentions were good, but as Gilbert tells him,
he knows nothing about relationships.
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The Portwenn Effect
Martin is very patient and gentle with Mark
when he comes to him with his concerns
about his "size".  Mark reveals his prospective
date with Louisa and his long time crush on
her, which seems to have a strong affect on
Martin.  But he very calmly tells him he has
patients to see and even reminds him not to
leave his pills.  
Although Martin was not happy about needing
to drive out to see Stewart, he seems to find
him intelligent and astute.  He smiles and
laughs at Stewart's descriptions of the
villagers and Elaine.
Even though Martin enjoyed the banter about
the villagers and Elaine with Stewart, he
seems to draw the line when Stewart starts
making fun of Mark.  Perhaps this is because
of the sensitive conversations he has had with
Mark about his inability to find a girlfriend and
now his recent consultation over his concerns
with his physical inadequacies.  This time, he
doesn't laugh with Stewart and changes the
Martin has gone back out to see Stewart with
the intention of having him sectioned, but
when Stewart tells him a little more about his
issues and especially his strong reactions to
smells, Martin suddenly finds he can relate.  
Stewart's remark about this being a good
place to be if you're fragile also seems to
resonate with Martin and he decides to follow
Mark's advice and find a more creative
Martin has a small bonding moment with Peter
in the school hallway over feeling like an
Martin attempts to apologise to Peter but is
interrupted by Mark to take them to the air
Martin does apologise to Peter in the
ambulance and tells him that he was having
a bad day.