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Doc Martin is
Sock Monkey
and other
James Henry Toys
Born With a Shotgun
The Sock Monkey is lying on Martin and
Louisa's bed while Louisa is attempting the
"Stir the Baby" maneuver.
The Sock Monkey appears on the table in
front of the staircase in the waiting room

four different times in this episode.
Cats and Sharks
Even though Louisa and James have
moved out of the surgery, the first chance
that we have to see the table in front of the
staircase, the monkey is still there.
The Departed
The sock monkey is still on Pauline's desk.
Driving Mr McLynn
The sock monkey makes the first
appearance on Pauline's desk in this
episode.  In the previous episode, Martin
heard his baby's heartbeat and saw his
ultrasound picture for the first time, so it
seems like the sock monkey appears now
because the baby has become real to him.  
The sock monkey shows up on her desk in
every remaining episode in S4 and I believe
we see also it in every episode after the

baby is born.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
One little toy is hung on the coat rack by
the back door.  We see James playing with
this one just as he gets the milk splashed

all over his face.
Here are the two sock monkeys.  You can
see the one on the radiator (it stays there
through the whole episode), but you can

also make out the legs of another one on
the table just on the other side of the large
In this scene we can see James' stuffed cat
on the kitchen table.
A little later, when Martin has to keep him in
the consulting room because they have no
childminder, we see him holding the cat.  
When Mike comes to the rescue, Martin tells
him to take the cat.  Also notice that there is

a stuffed elephant on the mantle.
The sock monkey is even on the radiator
during the dinner party.
Cute little stuffed mouse on the secretary.
The little green frog finger puppet is in the
fruit bowl on the kitchen table.
And the sock monkey is still on the radiator.  
But look at what is on the table - a dummy!  
Did Martin finally cave?
The Tameness of a Wolf
We see the sock monkey once in this
episode, on the kitchen table, as usual.  It
seems that Mike is keeping the toys tidy
because we don't see many lying about.
We see James with the little ring with the
multicolored plastic bears again.
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