Viscount James Blackwater
Portwenn Online
A Magical Cornish Village
Doc Martin is
Sep 20, 1982
BBC Play of the Month
(television series)
S15E5   The White Guard
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Jan 18, 1983
Doctor Who
(television series)
S20E5   Snakedance: Part One
Lon is the spoiled brat son of the Federator
(ruler of 3 planets).  He comes under the
spell of a former civilization trying to regain
control of the planet and causes havoc
during a ceremony that takes place every
10 years.
Jan 19, 1983
S20E6   Snakedance: Part Two
Jan 25, 1983
S20E7   Snakedance: Part Three
Jan 26, 1983
S20E8   Snakedance: Part Four
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May 19, 1983
(television series)
S1E7   Andrew
This is a 13 episode series about a trial.  
Each episode focuses on a juror.  Not sure
how Martyn is involved.
Dec 13, 1983
No Place Like Home
(television series)
S1E1   No Place Like Home
Nigel Crabtree
Nigel is the 19 year old son in the Crabtree
family - the youngest of four children.  
Since Nigel is off to college, the parents
think that they will have an empty nest.  But
all four children (plus assorted girlfriends,
boyfriends, spouses and other friends) are
constantly moving in and out, making the
father a little crazy. At the beginning of the
series, Nigel is off to college to attend
medical school.  But he changes his mind
and moves back in to take a sabbatical
before he starts school.  In later series' he
does finally go to college but keeps
returning.  He is a real ladies man/boy (but
not in a creepy way - but a funny-cute way)
and constantly has several women on the
go at the same time - sometimes all in
different rooms/floors of the family house.

Martin played Nigel in Series 1-3 and
another actor (Andrew Charleson) took
over the role for Series 4-5.
Dec 20, 1983
S1E2   One Enchanted Evening
Dec 27, 1983
S1E3   The Holiday
Jan 03, 1984
S1E4   Just the Job
Jan 10, 1984
S1E5   Alternative Accomodation
Jan 17, 1984
S1E6   Goodbye Father
Sep 12, 1984
S2E1   Grandfather Time
Sep 19, 1984
S2E2   Our Hero
Sep 26, 1984
S2E3   Golden Handshake
Oct 03, 1984
S2E4   The Curfew
Oct 10, 1984
S2E5   The Mating Season
Oct 17, 1984
S2E6   It's Only Your Father
Oct 24, 1984
S2E7   Don't Tell Mother
Oct 31, 1984
S2E8   Who Loves Ya Baby
Dec 26, 1984
Special:  A Crabtree Christmas
Jan 08, 1986
S3E1   Marriage Guidance
Jan 15, 1986
S3E2   Arthur Acting
Jan 22, 1986
S3E3   Comings and Goings
Jan 29, 1986
S3E4   The Summons
Feb 05, 1986
S3E5   The Crabtree Code
Feb 12, 1986
S3E6   Happy Families 1
Feb 19, 1986
S3E7   Happy Families 2
Feb 26, 1986
S3E8   Dear Miss Davenport
Mar 05, 1986
S3E9   Great Uncle Herbert
Mar 12, 1986
S3E10   Trevor's Last Stand
Mar 19, 1986
S3E11   The Video
Mar 26, 1986
S3E12   Arthur's Move
Apr 02, 1986
S3E13   Silver Wedding
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Feb 17, 1986
All at Number 20
(television series)
S1E2   Episode 2
Henry is a medical student who takes a
room in the home of a woman trying to
make ends meet.  There are several other
lodgers in the house who come and go.  
Henry develops a crush on the landlady's
daughter.  The landlady has a soft spot in
her heart for the struggling medical student
who is kind of reluctantly following in his
father's and grandfather's footsteps.  
But....he has a aversion to blood!
Feb 24, 1986
S1E3   Episode 3
Mar 03, 1986
S1E4   Episode 4
Mar 10, 1986
S1E5   Episode 5
Mar 17, 1986
S1E6   Episode 6
Oct 27, 1987
S2E1   Now We Are Four
Nov 03, 1987
S2E2   Three in a Bed
Nov 10, 1987
S2E3   My Kitten: Right or Wrong?
Nov 17, 1987
S2E4   Warts and All
Nov 24, 1987
S2E5   The Tea Leaf
Dec 01, 1987
S2E6   The Prowler
Apr 20, 1988
American Playhouse
(television series)
S7E11   Suspicion
Remake of Alfred Hitchcock thriller.  The
photographer is taking pictures at a fox
hunt.  Just one short scene in the movie.
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Feb 28, 1989
(television series)
S2E5   The Confidence Man
Lord Amersham
Lord Amersham is among a group of
aristocrats who create a sting and pretend
to be a criminal gang to save a Music Hall.
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Oct 23, 1989
(television series)
S4E4   Of Meissen Men
Viscount James Blackwater
Viscount Blackwater turns up at a park (on
a motorcycle) to set up sheepdog trials, but
is mistakenly thought to be hunting civil war
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Nov 21, 1989
The Paradise Club
(television series)
S1E10   Sins of the Father
Willy Bruce - Special Branch
Willy Bruce is a special agent working with
other police personnel to blackmail the club
owner into trapping the head of a radical
militia group.
Martin Clunes
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